What You Should Know About the Effects of Caffeine


Mmm. That fresh smell of caffeine first thing in the morning. In this fast paced world we live in today caffeine has nearly become a necessity with the alertness and energy it provides. Coffee houses are popping up all over now days with the coffee latte and flavored coffees becoming so popular.

Caffeine is an naturally occurring substance which is derived from the seeds, fruit and leaves of over sixty varieties of plants in the world. It is found in cocoa, tea leaves and coffee beans. It is so powerful that it kills off invasive bugs acting as a natural pesticide. It acts as a stimulant when ingested by the body and acts on the central nervous system. Your body quickly absorbs this drug into the lining of the stomach and soon begin to feel the effects of more alertness and feeling more awake.

The most potent type of caffeine is in a tablet form and has two hundred milligrams of caffeine in it per tablet. This should only be used in extreme cases of drowsiness. Probably the most common caffeinated beverage is brewed coffee and that holds over one hundred milligrams. Espresso is a more concentrate coffee, has the same amount of caffeine in it but is served in a cup only have the size of a regular one. Tea carries about fifteen to fifty milligrams depending on the variety. Different kinds of soda have about fifteen to thirty milligrams of caffeine in them per serving.

The sense of alertness one feels from the caffeine usually is felt after about an hour of ingesting it and is felt for three or four hours. It is not intended to replace sleep but it can get you through some sleep deprived days. Tolerance and size are factors that determine how you will react to the caffeine. And men and women have been found to react differently to it as well; children are much smaller and effected more easily.

Many physicians urge heart patients to avoid adding caffeine to their diet. It both increases the heart rate and the resting metabolic rate. Caffeine can have effects on the stomach as well. It increases the production of stomach acid because it is absorbed by the stomach lining. If you consume large amounts of caffeine or already have a stomach condition then you could be at risk of developing a stomach ulcer.

Another effect of caffeine is an increase in the need to urinate. There is also a relaxation of the smooth muscle of the large intestine and insomnia. If you find it hard to get to sleep at night and have consumed quite a bit of caffeine during an average day then you may develop a caffeine induced sleep disorder. To alleviate this problem doctors say to only consume caffeinated beverages until a certain time of day. If you enjoy drinking caffeinated beverages in the evening you should choice decaffeinated versions only.

People who consume an overly large amount of caffeine can develop “caffeinism” or an over dependence on it. Caffeine intoxication can result and this is a condition which occurs when a person drinks four hundred

milligrams of caffeine at one time. You experience extreme irritability, flushing in the face, muscle twitching, anxiety, increased urination and an irregular heartbeat. Which consumed in large quantities it can result in death.

Although brewed coffee may not lead to this overdose taking too many of the caffeine pills could. If you feel you are consuming too much caffeine it might be a good idea to cut back. Since your body is accustomed to the stimulate and cutting out your supply of energy can have bad effects. The common side effect is a headache. To avoid getting extreme headaches cut back slowly and then go to using decaffeinated coffees, pops or teas.

Also be careful of any over the counter drugs you may be taking. You may be unaware of caffeine being an ingredient. Your pharmacist or doctor can recommend other caffeine-free medications.






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