Coffee: Not Just for Drinking

Coffee; nectar of the gods, the drink that enables life, the magical elixir. Coffee is the wonderful liquid that makes the world turn and allows us to conquer the most hectic days with pep in our step and a smile on our face. It has been said that it can improve cognitive functions, decrease heart risk, improve workouts and help with weight loss but coffee has a lot of amazing uses that you may not know about. Read more

Looking At How Bad/Good Coffee Is For Your Health

The smell of coffee in the morning can almost be picked in almost every household making it a very popular beverage amongst millions of people across the world. Its popularity contributes to it being amongst the highest selling commodity in the market. People who take it in the morning cam almost swear to have a great kick start that keeps them alert throughout the day. They also attribute the ability to being effective at their places of work to coffee. Read more

Kicking the Caffeine Habit

That morning cup of coffee…that afternoon tea break. It’s such a daily part of life, we can’t imagine our day without it. Who among us is so pure they don’t allow even a drop of caffeine to cross their lips? Read more

What You Should Know About the Effects of Caffeine

Mmm. That fresh smell of caffeine first thing in the morning. In this fast paced world we live in today caffeine has nearly become a necessity with the alertness and energy it provides. Coffee houses are popping up all over now days with the coffee latte and flavored coffees becoming so popular. Read more