Looking At How Bad/Good Coffee Is For Your Health


The smell of coffee in the morning can almost be picked in almost every household making it a very popular beverage amongst millions of people across the world. Its popularity contributes to it being amongst the highest selling commodity in the market. People who take it in the morning cam almost swear to have a great kick start that keeps them alert throughout the day. They also attribute the ability to being effective at their places of work to coffee. This is as a result of an active ingredient of coffee that inhibits adenosine which causes natural drowsiness. Once this is achieved, one feels more active and hence increased concentration.

There are a number of benefits that have been seen in the people who consume coffee. This has therefore over ruled some of the statements and claims that were put across regarding coffee intake. A according to some of the most recent studies carried out; there is no connection to the increased risk of contracting cancer or the heart disease and coffee. This means that coffee is not as bad as it had been documented a number of years back. It is important to know that the sugar and cream that is added to the coffee contributes to the increase of fat and calories in the body system.

There are some health benefits that are associated to the intake of coffee and this include · Lowering the rate at which dementia develops · Prevents Parkinson’s disease · Prevents Liver cancer · It also prevents Type two diabetes · It acts as an aphrodisiac in women when taken in smaller amount. · It lowers the level of uric acid and hence plays a very vital role in alleviating gout symptoms. · It is known to increase endurance during a sports activity and at the same time decreases the pain associated to sports.

Coffee can be taken in milk, because again we cannot disregard the health benefits of other beverages. It is said to contain anti oxidant values that are necessary for preventing the mutation of cells and so on.

There is negative side of coffee · It is said to increase High cholesterol levels associated to the high consumption of unfiltered coffee. It contains cafestol a substance that triggers that increase of cholesterol in the body system. · Other studies have also shown that the intake of 2 or more cups of coffee in some people has increased the risk of heart disease. This apparently has been associated to the slow metabolism of the coffee which is as a result of genetic mutation. · It is known to have an effect on sleep patterns. It causes disruption of sleep. · It is known to decrease the levels of calcium because it is a diuretic and the loss of calcium takes place in urine. · It also increases the rate at which the heart beats if taken for long. It is therefore important to ensure that one takes just enough coffee because the long term abuse of coffee has negative effects. The effects though can be regulated depending on how one chooses to consume the coffee.

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