Tell Me Who Your Friends Are, And I’ll Tell You Who You Are


And it’s like blogging every day, constantly vocalizing your thoughts, without the salutations and formality, all for ranting sake and what not. You make yourself transparent, you keep not the secrets; you let loose of all your anxieties. Messages are important; delivery: inevitable, communication: vital. Once in a while you don’t need them, but your true friends would always be there to keep you sane in times of trouble. Because for all you know, some peace and quiet recall would constantly come from them. Yes, you have your family to always guide you through, but for all the flaws and negative vibrations, your friends would be your comfort zone. Your friends are like mirrors; how you look through them is like how you view yourself in general, because the shared meaning and relationship you have with them makes you like an entity with the same journey in life.

It’s really scary to meet people your same age and see from their perspective how life is all the same. How it works in so many ways but it’s you who makes it all the same. I suppose I’ve never really made sure of anything; like that one decision where you don’t go back because it’s worth the choice. I’ve had my vulnerabilities, how I made use of my heart to suck it all up to show people it’s good to be loved. But from where I am now, I can say that I’ve learned a lot from the people I’ve met and waved goodbye to. Trust is a big issue when it comes to friendships, but once you’ve established it among your closest, then you’ll count years in your relationship. A number of people have hurt me, but it’s awesome to have seen the people who truly stayed to be with me in times of my down moments. I appreciate all the efforts of my true friends; they stick with me most especially during those episodes when I was very vulnerable with my life.

People come and go. Some leave you for no reasons at all. As friends are classified into two, fake and true, you’d always be part of a cycle of knowing whom you should trust. The key to everything is to be true to yourself and if time comes and your considered true friends turn out to be fake friends, learn how to let go. Change is constant. Adapting should always be viewed as an optimistic part of life. The challenge is how to keep those who are true, stay with them through ups and downs, and go beyond the temporary and start thinking of stability.

Stability with friends is as priceless as having a diary, always absorbing your thoughts. A diary may not be responsive, but it helps you forget about your problems and makes you happy in taking account of your life, that they’d be part of it, and they would always stick with you no matter what.

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