Animal-Assisted Therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease


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Although having Alzheimer’s is an illness without a cure so far, and it unfortunately only progresses to be worse and worse with age, but at least pets are here to help people fighting with this serious illness. If nothing else, a happy face every morning will brighten up anyone’s day, no matter how much Alzheimer’s has taken from someone’s memory.

The only thing those pets will require is a little bit of love and to feed them regularly, even though Alzheimer’s might prevent people from remembering, fortunately a clear bowl will be a good reminder that your little friend needs water or food. If you want to keep your pets fit and in top shape, Felidae pet food is one of the best choices.

Animal therapy

Animals will not only love you unconditionally, but they will also help with many health benefits. They are known to lower stress levels and to improve overall mental conditions. That is why it is recommended that people with Alzheimer’s get their own little balls of joy, pets will help their owners feel better and in some cases lessen the effect from Alzheimer’s.

Pets will develop a special kind of love and bond with their owners, they have a sixth sense which tells them that we need a lot of love and that some people require more attention. Even some facilities handling Alzheimer’s are hiring pet coordinators to help with patients.

Not always a success

Unfortunately, people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia are not always predictable; although they might enjoy the company of a pet one day, they might completely detest it on another day. It is important to monitor the temperament of the patients as well as of the pet, so that no complications show up.

There are many factors in play when patients and pets need to hang, and a lot of them cannot be predicted all of the times, but it is imperative that there is a person always assigned to the patient; no matter how well they might be getting along with their pets, patients will still need professional help.

Pets improve nutrition intake

Research has shown that patients with Alzheimer’s who have taken care of pets, have also improved their nutrition intake as well, thus reducing nutritional supplements and lowering their costs as well. More than that, the patients have shown that they are still capable of taking care of others, all they need is a bit of a reminder now and then.

The magic of pets

Whether pets are used therapeutically or if Alzheimer’s patients have them at home, pets will a big a difference. They will improve the overall health and help fight the illness. Although patients will require a bit more care when they have pets, just in case something happens to the pets or if they are not fed on time; but in the long run, pets will help patients if the right one is chosen, according to the needs and capabilities of the patients.

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