Benefits and Tips of Quitting Smoking

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Smoking has been a danger ever since it was created and it has influence all of us to smoke because it was considered ‘cool’ but in reality, it isn’t cool it’s dangerous. But there are ways to quit smoking and it will make your life much easier.

Most of the women and men smoke because they are either depressed or addicted to smoking but they can stop, they just have to think positive.

There are so many benefits of putting down that cigarette and let me tell you.

What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking will make you feel 100% better than it does while you are smoking, you aren’t depressed as much as you were when you had that cigarette in your mouth, and you are just a totally different person when the smoking stops.

You look good and you feel good which is a very good feeling; it’s better than having to put up with killing your lungs and taking away your energy.

What does smoking cause?

Smoking causes emotional break downs and negative reactions towards everything around you, but most of all, it’s literally killing you.

Smoking causes cancer, lung problems, heart disease, and low stamina. Your lungs help you breathe, your heart is the main organ in your body, but smoking kills your lungs, your heart and almost every part of your body slowly but you may not know it.

How can I stop smoking?

There are ways to stop smoking by writing down what you do every day such as – cooking, exercising, anything that you do on a nice summer day or even a winter day!

Eat healthy foods can help end your craving for smoking, you just have to keep active and eat healthy foods.

There are many solutions that can help you to stop smoking once and for all, but it’s best that you talk to your doctor to find out how to stop smoking. If that doesn’t work, then this is the website that can prevent you from smoking.

I will continue my research to help every one of you to quit the smoking and live a better life.

Keep on coming back to ‘Breathing Happy’ and we assure you that the addiction for smoking will end once you follow our steps.

~Brayden Tourand

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