Blessings of Freedom


When I was smoking, hardly a day went by that I didn't seriously consider quitting. Your own personal mileage may vary, but I would imagine that as a fellow smoker, you have had similar feelings. The expense of the habit always loomed large, and this was before all of the serious hikes in taxation occurred. The madness of having to pay some $8.00 a pack puts a serious dent in anyone's walking around money. This article is filed under the heading "Benefits of Quitting". However, I would like to refer to these benefits, as blessings. It is truly a blessing not to feel like lighting up immediately after a meal. Sneaking around to smoke when it is looked upon unfavorably by those around you, is then no longer an activity that consumes your time.

Think about the day when you are free of the withdrawal symptoms, and the shakiness and irritability that comes between fixes of your favorite drug, nicotine.  Imagine a day when you can walk up stairs without feeling winded, when you can get out of bed without coughing your head off. These are all blessings. Not the least of which, is throwing down those sticks and knowing that you will no longer smell like an nasty ashtray. Nor will your clothing reek and sometimes sustain burn holes. You will have more money in your pocket. It will be money which you can use to truly treat yourself.

Your sharpened sense of smell will enhance your everyday experience. When you are no longer a slave to the habit, you can enjoy these blessings of freedom. You no longer need to plan how to keep the habit fed, and you can remove those seeds of doubt that constantly nag at you. Will I have to carry around an oxygen bottle or be confined to a hospital bed from emphysema or COPD or cancer? To be released from worrying about those scenarios is indeed not just a benefit, but truly a blessing. Perhaps the most meaningful benefit is that you can again be a role model to a youngster, and that would be the greatest blessing of all.

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