We all have our individual reasons for doing things. We do them our way and that makes us happy

People smoke because they like to. Usually they start smoking early in their lives. When enjoyment and the ego are more in play. Before they have families and responsibilities that might move up on their priority list. Self extravagance moves down.

So now they are in mid life or older. They have smoked for twenty-thirty years. Their health is starting to eb because of the smoking. Perhaps their doctors have even told them they have the beginning stages of COPD or other body organs are involved.

Nine out of ten cases of lung cancer is caused by smoking. 500,000 people are dying each year from enphazema and cancer. Second hand smoke is a killer.

Those are stark realities. Smoking breaks down the elastin in the skin and causes wrinkles.

So now we have serious illness coming our way and looking old on the outside. In ten years years a person will spend $15,000.00 or more depending on how many packs you smoke a week. Ouch!

Are you thinking of a strategy that might help you to quit for good? Think about it. There are many positive opportunities. Exercise, yoga, swimming, chewing on gum, reaching for a good book. The list goes on and on. But if you can find a positive and helpful alternative to smoking then you are half way there. Each time you eleminate one cigarette from your day you are sucessful.

And stop stuffing away feelings. Many people who smoke are either lonely, angry, hungry or tired. The cigarette helps to curb the appetite and gives us a boost too. But it doesn't last. It is not realistic to utilize a cigaretter instead of staring these issues in the face at some point.

So these are the things you need to give serious thought. We only go through this life ONE time and we want to make it last, and in as healthy a condition as we possibly can. So why let the propaganda of sellers of poison get in the way of a happy, healthy life? Let's not.

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