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“I am tired of being nagged about my smoking. I have tried to quit several times and I fall back into my habit whenever things go wrong. Some people swear and I smoke. It relaxes me and I feel calm with a cigarette in my hand. So just leave me alone, it is not going to happen, I can’t quit,” said my best friend.

“It worries me when I hear you wheezing. I think about your lungs turning black and what all that nicotine is doing to your system. I know something that will help you since you can’t seem to quit,” said I, to my friend.

“Try some of these disposable filters.” I said. “They are called “Tar Bar For Smokers,” and they work by reducing the tar and nicotine and other harmful substances that are now freely going into your lungs.” “Please try them,” I begged her. “Your my best friend, and I care about you.”

“Ok, she said. “I will try them.” And I breathed a sigh of relief.

These filters are plastic tubes with a filtering process liner that catches the tar and nicotine as you smoke. The filter tube fits on your cigarette. It does not change the taste and each filter can be used for up to 7 cigarettes before needing to be replaced. You get 30 filters per box. They help when nothing else is working.

After a month of using them my best friend exclaimed, “I don’t wheeze anymore, and I can see the tar in the filter and so I know they are reducing the amount of tar going into my lungs.” I was so happy to hear this news from her that I had to pass it on to anyone who can’t or won’t stop smoking. Give yourself the edge of knowing your helping save your lungs, by using a filter that works.

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