Mental Strength Starts With Learning, Not Training.


Mental strength starts with learning, not training. Do you know that the less you know, the higher risk you are to expose yourself to health issues? Consider this: a child takes his first drag. Nicotine is addictive. He now is eager to taste it again. Riddle me this: you tell a child that smoking is bad for your lungs, the child stays away from nicotine, and is eager to take care of his/her lungs. Although, life gets to us eventually, and peer pressure kicks in, initially knowledge became power. And that stays with us. The more educated we are, the better chance we give ourselves to fight the lure of nicotine.

Knowledge provides a mental phenomenon at times, namely euphoria. Arriving at the realization of just how bad smoking is may change a person’s perspective. It isn’t like hearing it through the grape vine, or in a gossipy discussion, or by the mere sight of a billboard. When you breakdown the proper research, you get this. Many articles will provide opinion over fact. But if you focus on the factual articles, they will provide such facts followed by, statistics, and personal stories.

Good articles source their work back to doctors (and multiple ones at that), providing credibility and boosting your chances of really settling on the fact that smoking is a bad decision.You can get to a place where your body won’t over power your mind. In fact, the exact opposite can routinely occur. Learn how to research. Take notes when you do that research. Ponder. Dscuss what you are reading. Knowledge is power indeed. It’s a spectacular thing to realize, but knowing what you may be so deeply involved in or mesmerized with, is all it takes to overpower your addiction. Mental strength starts with learning, not training.

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