Multipe Attempts at Stopping Smoking


For most people, it takes at least two attempts to stop smoking. And that is bare minimum. There is an attitude that people have when they first try to stop in which they feel it is going to be very easy. The addiction to nicotine is not easy to break and it is not always something that can be stopped in a single attempt. It is usually a good idea to get help by way of a smoke coach or your doctor. There are ways in which to quit but you need to know about them. Trying to quit without adequate knowledge won’t get you very far. The drive to stop must be there.

If you are aware that this is not going to be easy and you understand the challenges then you are more apt to be successful. In some instances. people try their first attempt by themselves and they may need more help with steps to take to make it easier for them. Being prepared and knowing what is to come will help. Log your triggers, get a coach to help you understand what is to come.

Being able to produce a plan will help you identify any issues you have and how to overcome them. Simply deciding to quit on a whim can cause some immediate issues because you aren’t ready or know anything about the different things you can do that may be helpful or know what to expect. You will want to be sure that all the small details of this are addressed and be prepared. Talk to someone that knows.

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. They have a booklet they will send you and all kinds of help and support. You need to be motivated. Quitting will lower your chances of getting lung cancer, you can improve your health, you will be spending far less money, and you will look and feel a lot better. Reading this may help to motivate you. Or call QUIT NOW or talk to your doctor.

Setting fun goals for yourself and rewards can help you move forward and help with drive and motivation. Support groups in your community at recreational centers or community college can help you with great tips and support. Talk to your doctor or call QUIT NOW.

Be sure you get a good nights sleep because a lack of sleep and being up late leads to an increase in smoking cravings. And just one drawback can get you back smoking again. Being kind to your body right now is very important. Stay focused and determined with your goal in mind.

Be sure your family is aware of your decision to stop smoking. Stay away from places where people are usually smoking. When the cravings hit have a list of activities nearby to give you options and re-direct yourself. Learn to understand whether your craving is physical or mental. Your brain is nicotine addicted and wants the dopamine that is released when you send nicotine to it.

Withdrawal symptoms are restlessness, increased appetite, weight gain, depressed mood, insomnia, anxiety, frustration, irritability,decreased heart rate, and, of course, the urge to smoke. These feelings will lessen over time. It will take about two days to rid your body of the toxins, but still some time to rid of the drive to replace the body with more.

So be prepared with drive, motivation,determination and knowledge. They will help you attain your best success.




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