Reasons to Give up Smoking

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Cigarette smoking is a deadly habit and should be the first thing that we should try to quit. But being an ex-smoker myself, I know we find reasons to delay giving up the habit thinking that we will give it up before we've done any damage, but in most cases long term damage is already done. Here are some of the top reasons to give up smoking and lead a healthier life.

Heart Disease or Stroke

Research has proven that smokers are four times more likely to develop heart disease than non smokers. In terms of stroke the numbers are also terrifying with smokers twice as likely to have a stroke than non smokers. These numbers should help you convince giving up smoking for good.

Lung cancer

The numbers for lung cancer are equally horrifying, the chances of smokers getting lung cancer are 23 times more for men and 13 times more for women than non smokers. Apart from lung cancer smokers are exposed to chronic obstructive lung disease 13 times more than non smokers.

Better Health

Leaving smoking has a great affect in your overall health, your lung capacity increases, you will have a stronger immune system which means that you will have less colds, coughs and ear infections. You will also have better energy and will be able to do your day to day functions with ease.

Better Outlook

Smoking causes damage to the skin and wrinkles so if the diseases don't scare you, do it for vanities sake. You will also have better smelling clothes and shinier teeth.

There are a million reasons to giving up smoking and its up to you to pick the reason and give up the habit for good.

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