Four Ways Rising Early Can Benefit You

As a student, I could not wait to sleep in on weekends. High school started before 7:15 and sleeping in was a privilege. In college, I had a 5:45AM nanny job to get to and classes from 9:10 on. After graduation, I started a work from home job with no scheduled hours, which meant that an alarm clock no longer had any place in my life – finally! So why, with a freelance career, have I decided to go back to getting up early? Read more

Using spices while eating clean can also provide added health benefits.

Eating clean doesn’t have to mean eating boring, but healthy foods often get a bad rap for have-ing “bad” or “bland” taste. Learning to incorporate spices into your clean eating diet can not only enhance the taste of your dishes but can also give you some extra added health benefits. We have a list of 6 spices to start incorporating into your diet to give your palette some enjoyment and your body some benefit. Read more

5 Popular Types Of Massage And Their Benefits

When you think of massage, you probably think of relaxation and luxury. After all, not everyone can have the extra money and time to go to a massage therapist and get one on a whim. What a lot of people don’t know is that massage actually has more benefits than simple pleasure and relaxation – it actually brings a lot of health benefits that can improve your overall well-being, too. Read more