Dealing with High Blood Pressure Without Medication – One Step at a Time, Starting with Breakfast

I must start with a disclaimer. I am not a doctor. While I have much knowledge and experience in holistic medicine, I am not attempting to replace your physician. If you have hypertension (high blood pressure), step one is to see your doctor.

That said, you may be wondering why I am writing this. I am scribing this mainly for two reasons. First, I have personally benefited from the suggestions I shall make here and, if the article is received well enough, future articles. Shortly after I turned 50. my blood pressure skyrocketed to 210/180! I am pleased to say that without any drugs, but by simply modifying my diet and lifestyle, I am now within normal limits. Read more

Herbs Can Keep You Heathy

The US Centers for Disease Control and Infection states that around 1 in 3 of the adult population has a problem with high blood pressure. This is often linked with high cholesterol and other health problems. While many patients turn to doctors for prescribed medications blood pressure can be lowered through making a few lifestyle changes. Using more herbs in our diet is one way to do this and a method that can make meal times more interesting as well. Read more