Tips For Dealing With Nicotine Withdrawals While Quitting

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Quitting an addiction, particularly when the substance is smoking, is one the hardest things to do. The body and mind are very powerful, especially in working together. When starting to quit, have a plan about what to do when the nicotine withdrawals start to occur, so that you don't go back to smoking.  You also don't want to resort to binge eating and go from one addition to the next, and then back again.

Yes this is very hard. When you work three times as hard at it, I think you will be more successful in not going back to it. Here are a few tips:

1. Choose your method to quit, date and time.  Some of you may want to cut down one cigarette a day until the pack is done and not go back to it. Others may want to quit cold turkey.

2. Have a plan ready for when nicotine withdrawals occur. It should be a plan with goals that doesn't involve food or going back to smoking. Utilize this plan fully until your through this stage.

3. If you can do pushups when you feel the withdrawals, do them. Seriously!

4. Meditate and your mind to a place that you want to be.  Or do other forms of meditation.

Here is one meditation exercise to get through your withdrawals: You are in a bike race. You notice in your peripheral vision that the person behind you is coming up on your left to pass you. As that person passes you, you notice that they are the new you winning, leaving the old you behind. How do you feel now?

Work very hard at it.  Keep these tips in mind and keep focused. Add in some exercise and good nutrition. Here's to wishing you well with your new healthier life.



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