Writing Dreams and Quitting Smoking


As a freelance writer, one of the things I do these days involves writing short stories for ShortStoryGuy.com. Everybody’s got a dream and right now the biggest one that I have is to write a full blown novel. Writing short stories is a refreshing start and having someone go over and challenge your work is something I really enjoy. BreathingHappy.com and the rest of the Goodblogs network keeps me afloat as I have five kids that I need to provide for. For that I’m really thankful. I used to think that I won’t be able to quit smoking because I have to write.

The circuitous dilemma that this creates in writing for a website about quitting smoking is not lost on me. What’s worse is that I used to think that I needed cigarettes to bestow upon me that creative capability like it was some sort of magical amulet. The quintessential notion of a haggard looking smoke belching man on a keyboard has made a very strong impression on me. But in reality, smoking has just weakened my mental and creative faculties. Thankfully, e-cigarettes have broken that powerful spell.

As a longtime smoker and I’m pretty sure FireWife86 and the other smokers here could attest to what I’m saying, craving for something helplessly is very much akin to Romeo slobbering and slaving beneath Juliet’s heels. It’s like having that paramour that you’ve been bewitched with. Not that I know how that feels of course. I used to do anything to grab a cigarette. Now the mere acrid and putrid stench of tobacco smoke just peeves me. The triggers have changed. I am slowly but surely having more control over my thoughts and words.

Unlike before when I was compulsive with the things that I write, I’m beginning to see the pristine value of the right word and the ‘right’ sequence of events. Whereas I used to view words as stones that one throws up in the air, I now see them as keys that have the power to unlock something beautiful, something great and something undiscovered. There’s a lot I need to work on and I’m raring for a duel with myself, with words and with the rabid thoughts that are raring to come out.



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