See Things Clearer and Quit Smoking (Or Vice Versa)


I’ve met fearless smokers who are fully aware of the long term effects of smoking, which include death.

Even that fatal result doesn’t persuade them to quit. But when you consider figuratively dying, remaining quite alive and losing the physical processes that make your heart beat, –your mind may change. After all, we cherish our five senses. We are dependent on them for so much, but the one to lose that strikes fear in most of our hearts is losing our sight. It takes a graceful and brave person to remain humble and live in bliss after losing their sigh. Let’s face it. This is a rare quality to find. I don’t want anyone to endure these challenges if I can spread the awareness to prevent them.

Studies show that after quitting smoking, the eyesight of smokers improves significantly higher than 10%. Gain better vision by giving up smoking! In the blink of an eye, quitting smoking will also your improve chances of avoiding eye disease. The British Medical Journal has published relevant studies stating that smoking increase chances of developing age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of adult blindness in the UK.

I am a friend. I can only do so much. But through experience, I’ve learned to bring a long a few professional references to get you to see the light. Alongside the British Medical Journal studies, I introduce The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). This institute seeks to provide awareness by putting eye health warnings on all cigarette packets. They’re not off the shelves, but I see these warning signs as a greater sign of help. Information and support is always available. If you only open your eyes to it, things will become much clearer.

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