5 Ways to Embrace Old Man Winter


Each and every October I feel the same mixed emotions. I love autumn. The beautiful colors, the comfortable temperatures.. even the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! Behind that happiness though, the dark looming of the winter that will soon follow puts a chilly damper on my festive fall season. This year, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and embrace the cold for a happier me this winter season. Here are some ways that you can cozy up to Old Man Winter this year!

Warm Accessories

Having a warm winter coat may seem like the most obvious way to survive winter, but many people settle for less in this department. These days, it seems almost impossible to find a quality coat for an affordable price. I for one always purchased the “good enough” coat to get me through the season until the day that I could finally pull on the flip flops again. This year, I splurged on a gorgeous, long and down-filled jacket from Costco. I actually found myself saying how thankful I was for the jacket on the first frosty day this year. I am also way less reluctant to venture out in the chilly temperatures. Pair the warm jacket with insulated boots, knitted mittens and a scarf, and you have the best winter protection. Coats with big hoods are also a plus! Who doesn’t love an excuse to shop? Why not look forward to getting the opportunity to wear the new things that you’ve been saving for winter?

Winter Tires

As a commuter, half of my distaste for winter stems from my dreaded drive to work in the snow. As a former skeptic, winter tires really do make a difference. When you aren’t dreading the white-knuckled drive, your stress levels will be much lower and you can start to enjoy the snowy scenery. You may even catch yourself getting into “nice weather mode” and singing along to the radio.

Make Plans

Weekends in the summer are always booked up so quickly, while winter seems to drag on forever in hibernation mode. Especially when the fun of the holidays is over, it seems like we have nothing to look forward to besides the day we can officially pack the snow-blower away for the season. Purposely planning fun winter activities will boost your spirits and help you to look forward to the winter months.

Embrace Your Inner Child

It’s amazing how much we forget as work and responsibility take over. Remember how fun it was to tumble down that snowy hill in a toboggan when you were a kid? Or how much you loved having enough snow to finally bring Frosty to life in the front yard? Grab a group of friends and dive into the snow! The best part of these activities as an adult is that you can legally warm up after with a glass (or bottle) of wine.

Enjoy the Scenery

There’s nothing like going for a walk at dusk with fresh snow falling. Appreciate the scenery for what it really is! While the snow may drive us crazy because of the inconvenience, it really is beautiful when you are able to relax and take in your surroundings. Bring along some hot chocolate in a thermos. Bundle up the dogs and take them for a walk in the park. Make it an adventure!


*Image courtesy of Flickr’s Creative Commons

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