Are You Inspired by the Others Success?


For better or worse, we too often compare ourselves with other people. Based on social comparison we judge our lives, our values, and our own success.

Social comparison is a double-edged sword.

For example, last year we bought a new Toyota Camry, but this year my neighbor bought the latest version. I was left directly disconnected. The fact we both can afford new cars is something others only dream. Instead of being fortunate, I felt myself comparing apples to oranges.

When we compare ourselves with others and believe that they are “above” us, we grow frustrated.

If you believe that others are “below” you, life will present problems. The issue with social comparison is that we cannot ever be “above” and often find ourselves in a position “below”. Both are fallacies, no two lives are exactly the same. We are all unique.

Happy people compare apples to apples.

This is a great approach, because it reflects the most important battle – today we are better than yesterday.

Often it happens through the success of others, via a poke in the eye. For example, a colleague changed his job and suddenly sees a step forward and upward in career. Increase in income and social status. At the same time you sit on the old job with the old salary. If you compare with your colleague, I guarantee that you will not experience a lot of pleasant emotions – envy, anger, depression and others. When people around you succeed and you do not move forward, it is very easy to succumb to the tendency to compare ourselves with others. Happiness is a choice. Try feeling positive and congratulate those who succeed around you.

Avoid clutches of social comparison

To learn to be happy for others is truly the best antidote. Instead of envy, fill yourself with positive emotions. Enjoying the success of others requires great inner wisdom.

Why wisdom?

The happy man is a clever man. He wastes no time in envy and discontent. He looks deeper. Congratulating the colleague who started a new job. Happy people might say “If he succeeded, so can I “. Such thoughts nourish our optimism, fill us with energy and strengthen our motivation. So the others success stimulates the happiest person to work hard for their better future. Joy for foreign success becomes free fuel for effective work, aimed at improving our quality of life. Protecting us from negative emotions and their consequences.

Everyone makes their own choices. 

Whether we allow ourselves to experience the feeling of sheer joy and inspiration depends on us. So get out there, Breathe Happy and be inspired!

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