5 Ways to Breathe Happy with an Off-Season Vacation


Travelling abroad can be so fulfilling and stressful at the same time. Aside from bad service and flight delays, things we usually complain about when travelling are crowds, long lines in touristy places, and/or rude people. How can you help save yourself from some of these commonly negative travel experiences? By doing an off-season trip! Here are five reasons why you’re bound to have a better time.

1. Travelling off-season is cheaper:

The off-season is when the tourist economy has to begin cooking up low prices and packages to get increase the flow of visitors to their destination. For airlines, the off-season is where they usually institute low fare promotions. Look for travel packages that include hotel accommodations and/or experiences like tours at much lower prices. If you’re diligent (and lucky), you might even score half-off prices on otherwise prohibitively-priced suites. Occasionally, hotels might throw in bonus swag to sweeten the deal, like a free wine basket upon arrival, or other perks. Expect to get more bang for your buck when you book off-season.

2. There’s more time for everything:

With less people on the streets and everywhere else, you’ll have larger chunks of time to visit it all and to do everything. You’ll have less traffic to worry about, including reduced rush ours,  and be able to lean further into the  culture, food, and community you’re exploring. If you are more on the adventurous side, this can help you to more easily follow the unbeaten path. Get out and go to the quirky small places mentioned in travel blogs, and experience the hidden gems of of your local. If you’re more of a beach bum, time will feel even slower than usual this way, so you’ll feel as though you have more time to swim, relax, read a book, and enjoy the view. Queue your next cocktail order.

3. Amplified Peace and quiet:

For couples, off-season travel is also the perfect way to go to your dream honeymoon destinations. You can finally experience that scenery you’ve been dreaming of minus the crowds and noise. Honeymooners will also get to spend less on high end accommodations. That will be extra money for tour activities, food and souvenirs. Single travelers can also enjoy the off-season as one can enjoy solitude, freedom and lesser distractions.

4. Less Expensive Activities:

Family travelers who are looking for family activities that won’t break the bank, will benefit enormously by purchasing off-season packages. Since there are less crowds to fuel the tourist beast, some attractions will be closed, and tour guides still open for business are more inclined to sell family holiday packages for a discounted rate that can include plenty of perks. This can be a great opportunity for parents to enjoy quality couple time. Parental packages often include activities for the kids to enjoy. With valuable solo parental time, you could snag a massage or go on bonding couple-centered experiences that can enrich your relationship big time.

5. Beat the crowds:

This is the obvious general perk for any off season traveler, as touched on above. But looking at this even more closely, smaller crowds can drastically reduce stress and increase the restorative possibilities of a much-needed break. Eliminating long lines can make it possible for you to really get to experience a piece of famed art, or to adequately experience incredible architecture, or to relish in the memory-making experience of eating the food of a super sought-after chef. Off-season travel might mean more room to stretch out on a long flight, and/or better experiences with less stressed-out service industry employees. Let’s face it– the people you meet along the way can completely enhance or detract from your experience. When things move more slowly, it leaves more room for awesome interactions.

Obviously, travelling off-season definitely has it’s perks. But you always have to remember this too– traveling off peak can mean less ideal weather and less open tourist businesses. So if those things are crucial to you, tweak your plans accordingly. Remember, your goal is to get away from everyday life and unwind from it. Life is short. Enjoy.


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