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"Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times." ― Mark Twain

The other day, I was having an argument with an uncle of mine. Smoking cessation, according to him, was a piece of cake and could be done by anybody, anytime whenever they were willing to do it. The problem is, addiction ensures you are never willing to go ahead with quitting smoking unless of course, some miracle happens.

The trouble is that most smokers don't realize that they are addicted until they make at least one serious attempt to quit smoking. That's when they realize that it's probably out of their hands now. No worries. Quitting smoking is a do-able job and you or anybody for that matter, with a bit of determination and willingness can achieve it.

1) Realize that smoking is detrimental to health and lowers life expectancy. It can lead to a variety of health problems that you never anticipated. And yes, not everybody gets lung cancer due to smoking but remember that you could be the one.

2) Smoking is no longer considered socially acceptable. It can lead to loss of friendships and relationships.

3) It can make you feel under confident and damage your self-esteem. Something that you started to give a boost to your assertiveness can actually put you into reverse gear.

4) Yes I know that you think it lowers your stress levels. But there are far better ways to lower stress than smoking. Imagine the stress levels you'll face when you hear that you've got a life-threatening heart or lung condition. Try exercising for a change. You'll feel the difference.

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Trigger Happy: Smoking Triggers And How You Can Avoid Them No ratings yet.


By: Talia Gamble

If you’ve been smoking for any length of time, and let’s be honest, most of us have. You know that we all have our triggers, or things that make us want to smoke. Below you will find the most common of triggers and what you can do to avoid and deal with them.

Motorin': Nearly every smoker I have ever known tends to smoke like a freight train while driving or riding in a car. I’m not sure why this is the most common area to light up, but it is. It could have something to do with boredom or the monotony of holding a steering wheel for the duration of your drive, however there are some things you can do to temper this problem.

1. Try chewing some gum, this will keep your mouth busy and also has the added benefit of cleaning your teeth.  

2. Try listening to a book on tape, this will keep your mind off of smoking and also help stave off the boredom associated with driving.

Snarf City: I don’t know about you, but this is one of my worst triggers. There is something about finishing a meal that makes me want to light up as soon as my dishes are in the sink. This may be the hardest and probably the last of your daily cigarettes you will succeed in giving up. If you need something to signify the meal is over, try having a peppermint and then using a toothpick. This is a double whammy, tricking your brain into feeling as though you’ve smoked and also busying your mouth and hands.

Good Morning Sunshine: My morning a cup of coffee and a cigarette are how I greet the day, and if my research serves me well, I’m not alone. However, there is something you can do to change this, replace your coffee with tea or hot chocolate. The change up will help with the cravings. You will learn to associate the tea or hot chocolate with a different morning routine. It may even stop the cravings the first time you try it. What have you got to lose?

Cocktail Hour: I am notorious for going through a pack in a few hours when I’m drinking with friends. There is just something about group conversation and alcohol that makes me want to smoke like crazy. If I’m not mistaken, I would probably be what’s commonly referred to as a “social smoker.” This one is tough, because those around you will probably be smoking as well. The best advice I can offer you is to use a nicotine replacement therapy such as the patch or the gum when you go out. The patch is probably your best bet if you don’t want the gum flavor in your mouth while you’re drinking, and you certainly don’t want to accidentally swallow nicotine gum. Let me tell you darlings, the stomach ache is NOT something you want to experience. Like ever.

Get Your Freak On: Ahh, there’s nothing like that blissed out feeling you get in post sex haze. You start to reach for a smoke and….Okay, this one is probably the hardest conundrum to solve, but the best thing I’ve run across in my travels are e-cigarettes. These are nifty little mechanical cigarettes that allow you the nicotine without the all of the chemicals. You can buy them in just about any flavor and strength to satisfy even the pickiest of smokers. While there are those who would discourage these as a quitting aide, I have found them to be wonderful when you’re in a bind and about to scratch out your eyeballs from nicotine withdrawl.

There are many things you can do to avoid, control, and live with your triggers. The main thing you want to remember is not to get discouraged if your first few attempts at quitting are unsuccessful. It takes the average smoker four to five attempts before getting off of the things for good and those who are heavy smokers take even longer. Just remember to be good to yourself and do the things that work for YOU. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks, if standing on your head and yodeling reduces the urge to smoke for you, DO IT. Keep at it and you’ll be living a smoke free life before you know it!

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Smoke Free Life Step Program Step 8 No ratings yet.


Why did you start smoking for the first time? This is such a common question. To understand why you started to smoke, you first must understand the powerful effects of the subconscious mind.

You think you are an intelligent, dominant person that can control your own path in life. This is difficult considering, 99 percent of your Read more

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Health-Enjoyment-Ego-Money No ratings yet.


We all have our individual reasons for doing things. We do them our way and that makes us happy

People smoke because they like to. Usually they start smoking early in their lives. When enjoyment and the ego are more in play. Before they have families and responsibilities that might move up on their priority list. Self extravagance moves down.

So now they are in mid life or older. They have smoked for twenty-thirty years. Their health is starting to eb because of the smoking. Perhaps their doctors have even told them they have the beginning stages of COPD or other body organs are involved.

Nine out of ten cases of lung cancer is caused by smoking. 500,000 people are dying each year from enphazema and cancer. Second hand smoke is a killer.

Those are stark realities. Smoking breaks down the elastin in the skin and causes wrinkles.

So now we have serious illness coming our way and looking old on the outside. In ten years years a person will spend $15,000.00 or more depending on how many packs you smoke a week. Ouch!

Are you thinking of a strategy that might help you to quit for good? Think about it. There are many positive opportunities. Exercise, yoga, swimming, chewing on gum, reaching for a good book. The list goes on and on. But if you can find a positive and helpful alternative to smoking then you are half way there. Each time you eleminate one cigarette from your day you are sucessful.

And stop stuffing away feelings. Many people who smoke are either lonely, angry, hungry or tired. The cigarette helps to curb the appetite and gives us a boost too. But it doesn't last. It is not realistic to utilize a cigaretter instead of staring these issues in the face at some point.

So these are the things you need to give serious thought. We only go through this life ONE time and we want to make it last, and in as healthy a condition as we possibly can. So why let the propaganda of sellers of poison get in the way of a happy, healthy life? Let's not.

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Be More than Just their Old Man, Be a Good Father No ratings yet.


Meet my old man”, is a phrase I only hear in Hollywood movies. Translated word for word into Filipino, it should sound like, “Eto, matandang lalaki ko.” – which has a weird meaning, is quite awkward and disrespectful in our culture. That’s why the appropriate translation is “Eto po ang aking ama.Read more

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Smoking – Suicide for Cowards? No ratings yet.


Arsenic kills if you swallow it. Tobacco kills if you inhale it.

Cough! Cough! Are you inhaling your last breath

Remember, if you're smoking, you can pack up your health.  If you're not smoking, you are backing up your health. Smokers are now funneled into a zoo-like partition from the rest of society. But still, they continue with it. People get addicted to tobacco products because they contain nicotine, which is again an addictive substance.

Smoking is one of the worst things that you can do to your body. When you started smoking for the first time, (often just to look cool), you likely went into coughing it. You know why? Because your body was warning you to stop now, because you were feeding it with poisons. The lucky ones, who understood the warning, stopped it there and then. But others continued with it. They are not getting the point that they are forcing their body to inhale poison. They don’t even realize the harm they are causing to their bodies.

Nicotine resembles a catalyst. It keeps your mind confused on the real problem here: brainwashing. The chemical addiction of cigarettes can be easy to cope with. But brainwashing is tough to cope with. You are brainwashed to an extent when you are addicted to big tobacco. You find yourself attracted to the colorful advertisements to some degree, but you are not able to see that each and every packet of cigarettes has a little quote always written on it’s packet: “Smoking is harmful for your health.”

Cigarette are a most harmful substance, and inhaling that substance could lead directly to your last breath. Why begin the countdown to the end of your precious life? Why didn't you follow the "Be smart. Don't start," advice?

A bunch of words can’t always change young minds.  Its tough to achieve it all alone. You may need different types of supports, may be through counseling or a prescribing medication. “Please keep smoking, our planet is overcrowded.” Don’t let such sayings come true. It’s all in your hands. 

To stop smoking:

  1. DELAY the FIRST
  5. PAUSE the FIFTH
  6. SKIP the SIXTH
  9. EVADE the NINTH. (And now put a big stop before the tenth.)
  10. Say Goodbye to smoking and tobacco.

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” Smoking Kills”: Another Platitude No ratings yet.

Do smokers really take our warnings seriously given the plethora of platitudes flooding our daily language, the media, or our Facebook! It seems that there is always someone out there seeking to make a smart remark, but very few people care! Read more

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Smoking is Wasting Your Time No ratings yet.


Most everyone knows that smokers live shorter lives, an average of 8 years shorter. But have you ever thought about how much time smoking takes up during your life? We live in a "time is money" culture. Not that that's how it should be, but people often put that kind of value on time…and wish they had more of it. A smoker might not even realize how much valuable time is taken up by this habit.

There's the mental energy and time wasted by thinking about when you'll be able to take a break, or step outside, or go for a drive, to have that smoke. There's the time spent worrying about the harm it's doing to you (and possibly to others you love). There's the time spent driving to the convenience store to buy smokes, or driving around to find a place to buy them, or thinking about where to buy them. Time wasted making sure one has matches, lighters, and cigs, and maybe something to drink with it or something to ash in.

Then there's the time wasted by the smoker that the non-smoker doesn't even have to worry about, such as the extra time it takes to heal from a cold or recover from an illness, because smokers take longer to get well after being ill, not to mention the extra time it takes to catch up at work because of being sick longer. There's more time spent at doctor's visits talking about smoking problems, and more time spent going to doctors due to more illness, and that's just when facing run-of-the-mill illnesses, we're not even talking yet about the time spent dealing with serious illnesses that can occur after years of heavy smoking such as cancer, emphysema, or loss of limbs, for example. There's also the extra time the smoker needs to sleep, to make up for the poor sleep s/he gets, since smoking affects sleep negatively.

There's the time spent cleaning up from the habit–cleaning ash trays, throwing away empty packs, more house cleaning if you actually look at the fact of the gray film and odor that smoking leaves on the walls, furniture, and every object in the home if smoking occurs inside.

Finally, there's the time spent actually smoking. It all adds up to a big fat waste of time. Your life is too precious, and time on this Earth too short and special, to waste one more moment of it on this addictive drug. Take the first step, do whatever you can, or keep doing what you are doing, to free yourself from the clutches of this time-sucking addiction.

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Reasons to Give up Smoking No ratings yet.


Cigarette smoking is a deadly habit and should be the first thing that we should try to quit. But being an ex-smoker myself, I know we find reasons to delay giving up the habit thinking that we will give it up before we've done any damage, but in most cases long term damage is already done. Here are some of the top reasons to give up smoking and lead a healthier life.

Heart Disease or Stroke

Research has proven that smokers are four times more likely to develop heart disease than non smokers. In terms of stroke the numbers are also terrifying with smokers twice as likely to have a stroke than non smokers. These numbers should help you convince giving up smoking for good.

Lung cancer

The numbers for lung cancer are equally horrifying, the chances of smokers getting lung cancer are 23 times more for men and 13 times more for women than non smokers. Apart from lung cancer smokers are exposed to chronic obstructive lung disease 13 times more than non smokers.

Better Health

Leaving smoking has a great affect in your overall health, your lung capacity increases, you will have a stronger immune system which means that you will have less colds, coughs and ear infections. You will also have better energy and will be able to do your day to day functions with ease.

Better Outlook

Smoking causes damage to the skin and wrinkles so if the diseases don't scare you, do it for vanities sake. You will also have better smelling clothes and shinier teeth.

There are a million reasons to giving up smoking and its up to you to pick the reason and give up the habit for good.

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Recent Study: Smoking Employees Cost More No ratings yet.


With nerves frayed and a shaking yearning to get out of the constricted workspace, you wait until the clock strikes 12. 

You finger your pockets just to check whether your lighter or pack of Marlboro lights Gold is still there.  

“Just a few more seconds…” you mutter to yourself while watching the red hand of that clock in front of you make its arduous journey to the number 12. 

You automatically swallow and your fingers shake as you discover that the pack inside your pocket is actually empty. You loosen your tie a bit as you think about the nearest place you could buy cigarettes. Read more

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