It’s Time No ratings yet.


Time to feel positive about yourself. Time to not feel guilty about smoking outside at home or in the garage to hide it from your family. Time to figure out why you smoke and how you will be able to quit.

Time to track your smoking. Where, when, and why. Time to understand why you smoke and pick a date to quit.

If you smoke, that new baby is three times more apt to die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Those children you are so proud of are more likely to contract asthma, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and some other lung infections. And second-hand smoke is a killer. You wouldn't let your child step out infront of a truck if you could prevent it, would you? Why bring the poison right there to them then? And children of smokers are twice as apt to become smokers themselves.

How does smoking fit in with what you have planned for you life? Can you think of things you could do other than smoke? And the money you can save could send you and your family on a vacation.

Once you quit you need to stay away from those smoker hang outs. Ask smokers not to smoke around your children. If there are smokers at your job perhaps you can talk to the boss about banning it or atleast in certain areas.

You need to start being active three times a week. What type of area do you live in? Parks nearby or somewhere to walk? You could set a goal each time to walk a little further. Use a podimeter and see how many steps you take seeking a goal of 10,000 or more.

Life is a short endeavor. People are living longer now days but people who have chosen to smoke for 40-50 years and are diagnosed with COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) when they are in their golden years aren't going to enjoy those years like they would have if they had been smoke free for all those years. Instead they will be carrying a oxygen machine  around and huffing and puffing to make it upstairs. Yes, life is short.

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If I Died Today: A Poem About My Smoking No ratings yet.


If I died today, would you even care? 

Probably not, but that's just life's fare

If I died today, all I'll leave you are my words

They'll all over the net fluttering like birds


I'm just a blogger and some say a writer

But in the end I think all wouldn't really matter

What counts would be the times that we shared

and the memories through the moonlight we heard


Don't you fret, don't be afraid 

Because we both know that I once prayed

For strength that I may stop

This I did like a spinning top 


T'was a miracle of sorts that we've seen

That somehow through my addiction you may glean

I did it, I stopped smoking 

Through words that may be provoking


Now we move on to the next chapter

of new villains and heroes that I'm after

For there will always be some evil plot

Wishing to spread doom and rot 


If I die today, can I visit you as a ghost?

I know it sounds creepy, but would you be a nice host?

I'm just kidding of course, don't be afraid 

Now's not the time to launch the modern crusade


If I died today, there are a few things I might regret

Though these are also a part of the roulette

There are times when I wish I could be like Perez Hilton

Though that's also silly lest I be a simpleton


I'd be writing about Miley Cyrus jiggling her smoking behind

Though I really pity her she must be slaving bear that in mind

Freedom comes with responsibility I often hear them say

Remember this always when you come out to play


If I died today, I would leave no insurance

Call it what you want and I know that's no assurance

The field that I have chosen oftentimes gets unrewarded

Though it has its moments at times we are accorded


With that said, I don't think I'm ready to die today

I also know that I won't and I hope it does not dismay!

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News on Electric Cigarettes No ratings yet.


The same governor who banned trans fats and tried to do away with large sugary drink, New Yorkcity governor Michael Bloomberg, is concerned enough with public health that he is now working on getting electric cigarettes banned in New York. Several ordinances are in the works. One that would classify these cigarettes as tabacco products. California's legistlature is looking at doing the same thing as well.

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association has let several drafts of proposed bills that the New York City Council will soon vote on slip out into the media. They want to redefine "tobacco products". Under the New York Law, they will ban the flavored "e-liquid' from being sold in retail stores or anywhere other than age restricted tobacco bars. This would prohibit even an e-cigarette store in New York from selling the flavored e-cigarettes. And the law also mandates that all e-cigarette products are sold only in their original packaging.

Right now, e-cigarette smokers are allowed to light these up in certain places, such as bars and other public establishments.

(CASFAA is a non-profit organization increasing public awareness,education and encouragingtesting and development of products to achieve exceptable safety standards.) They state: "An e-cigarette is safer for the people around the smoker but it still gives the smoker the nicotine they crave and is little help in eliminating the addiction." They also emphasize that e-cigarettes have not been approved by the FDA. But Why? I believe it's because the electronic cigarettes haven't been on the market for very long and little data is available about the other chemicals used.

On the subject of the chemical risks of electronic cigarettes, Michael Siegel, a tobacco researcher at Boston University said in a paper just published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, that levels of certain harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes were on par with levels found in nicotine patches and hundreds of times lower than what's found in cigarettes. But does this just mean that health implications will just take longer to appear?

In a study done by ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), e-cigarettes have caused a wide variety of potentially serious problems "including racing pulse, dizziness, slurred speech, mouth ulcers,heartburn, coughing, diarrhea, and sore throat." They found that users have to suck much harde on the electronic cigaretes, because over time they may increasingly want more nicotine. Aerosal density decreases much the same as with traditional tobacco cigarres. It's similar to smoking a "light" cigarette and then building up to a more concentrated option. This may make the aerosal reach deeper in the lungs, and this could also mean that smokers of e-cigarettes may need to smoke more to get the needed amount of nicotine.

John Banzhaf, Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health found that the electric cigarettes do emit a mixture of nicotine (contributes to heart attacks), and propylen glycol, (which is a respiratory irritant used in anti-freeze and known to cause respiratory infections) and other things that the FDA has labeled as carcinogenic and toxic.

So what do these conclusions tell us? It seems that finding a new product that addresses one problem is okay, but it doesn't necessarily erase other ones that are as bad or worse.

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Smokin’ Soul No ratings yet.


It’s really that important. Yes, the cancer. Yes, the hacking. Yes, the dentures. More than that though, I’m that important.

I’m not a smoker. (I mean, right now.) I’m a quitter, and I don’t want to be a smoker. I want to be a Read more

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How Can Your Loved One’s Help? No ratings yet.


How can your family, spouse, or significant others help you quit smoking?

A better question would be: Why is it that your loved ones support is effective than your own ambition?!  It is the power of influence. Normally, we look up to these people, value their opinions, and while we may feel that the  things we do may not affect ourselves in the least, as soon as we learn that they too are affected, in negative ways, we feel empathy. Having built good relationships with loved ones, being a good person in life gives you the advantage of caring for others.

This, in turn, allows you to vicariously feel their emotions toward your addiction(s). It's just like when you see a child fall, cry, or experience fear. You are instantly overwhelmed with feelings urging you to protect that person. You may also have found yourself in some pretty brave situations where you did just that.

The same rules of love apply to you when you're in need, on your quest to quit smoking. Ask your loved ones what they think of your addiction, and how it affects them. Of course, it's a difficult question to ask, but it's important and shows them that you know they feel the pain of your actions. Tell them to not only express themselves, but to go ahead and surpass your emotional pain threshold if necessary, and to make the words count (and perhaps even hurt). Allow them to exhibit anger, a human response to feeling ultimately saddened and troubled. Communicate that the therapy of this shunning, may provide you with the protective instincts to quit smoking (in part) for the people you love, even if you’re having a hard time doing it for yourself.

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Honestly? It sucks. No ratings yet.


I have ‘quit’ at least ten times in the past few years, each effort just a little better than the last, and each wrought with the voice of the addiction: “One isn’t that bad. Everyone else can do it, why shouldn’t I?” or “I’ll just smoke with drinks.” Read more

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Smoking and Male Infertility No ratings yet.


Everyone knows that smoking whilst pregnant is bad for both baby and mother, but many couples hoping to start a family overlook the fact that smoking can adversely affect male fertility too.

Studies have shown that smoking causes a decrease in the quality of semen. Sperm concentration, that is the number of sperm present in a measured quantity of semen, is reduced by up to 23% in men who smoke. The motility of the sperm, i.e. its ability to swim, is also compromised with a 13% decrease. If the sperm are unable to swim strongly enough to reach the egg, fertilisation may not take place. Sperm morphology, the actual shape of the individual sperm, is also affected. This also interferes with effective swimming and can cause problems with fertilisation should the sperm manage to reach the egg at all. It has also been shown that male smokers experience abnormal hormone levels which will cause problems with fertility.

Poor sperm quality and hormonal imbalances may not cause infertility in all men, but for those whose sperm count is already poor these additional negative factors may be enough to render them infertile.

Research into the effect of male smoking on successful IVF treatment shows that smoking dramatically reduces the success rate of IVF treatment. Given the cost of multiple cycles of fertility treatments, it would be well worth giving up smoking before you embark on this route if you and your lady want to start a family any time soon.

Even if you're not at the stage where you want to father a child, smoking can have a seriously detrimental effect on your ability to even practice! Young men who smoke run a high risk of becoming impotent, depending upon their daily consumption of tobacco and the length of time they have smoked. Smokers are statistically twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.

Smoking causes hardening and narrowing of the arteries. As the heart becomes affected, it becomes less efficient and less able to maintain a good level of blood pressure to the extremities. To make matters worse, the blood vessels supplying the penis become narrowed. The end result is an inability for the affected individual to achieve and maintain an erection. Impotence in male smokers is extremely difficult to treat.

Luckily, it's not too late. Studies show that quitting smoking sooner rather than later will prevent long term impotency problems in young men and even those who have a longer term smoking habit will suffer less irreversible complications and will respond better to medication.

So, come on guys; if ever there was a really great incentive to quit this surely has to be it! Good luck!

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Should We Allow Kids to Use E-Cigarettes? No ratings yet.


With flavors as enticing as strawberry, banana, chocolate, cappuccino, lemon, apple and others you can’t help but think that e-cigarettes could be attracting children as much as they are luring smokers who want to quit. The question is should we allow them to or not? A few days ago before the burnt wick incident, I invited my wife to have a puff or two. I bought two new flavors: strawberry and banana. She’s a non-smoker but she enjoyed it nonetheless. I hope I won’t get judged for this, but it really is worth sharing. Two consenting adults are free to do what they wish after all. I let her puff some strawberry and she said that she Read more

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Licence To Quit? No ratings yet.

Freedom atlast

Would you think twice about smoking if you had to apply for and pay for a licence in order to purchase tobacco products? What if the application included a test to establish whether or not you are actually aware of the health implications of smoking or if the licence came in the form of a swipe card which limited your daily tobacco purchases?

Sounds rather extreme and verging on 'big brother' right? Well, it's actually the proposal of Australian public health expert, Professor Simon Chapman of Sydney University. Prof Chapman reckons that such a licence could provide a really practical disincentive for smokers. But how would such a scheme work?

Prof Chapman says that there are insufficient controls in the sale of tobacco products; pretty much anyone can sell them. He cites the analogy of a medical prescription which is essentially a temporary licence which enables the holder to purchase pharmaceuticals. Unbelievable then that a product which causes millions of deaths and costs billions annually in medical treatment which would be unnecessary if no-one smoked, is so freely available.

The licence would take the form of a swipe card which smokers would have to apply for. Retailers would not be permitted to sell tobacco products to anyone without a card. As with pharmacists who supply drugs to someone without a prescription, retailers would risk losing their retail licence if they were caught selling tobacco to someone without a licence. There would also be a component of the licence application process which would limit the quantity of tobacco products the holder could buy.

The licence would incur a cost to the smoker, would require the inconvenience of renewal and could even be refused or revoked in the event that the holder became seriously unwell as a result of their smoking habit. There could even be a financial incentive built in to encourage smokers to quit; their total licence fees might be refunded to them on condition that they were not allowed to apply for a licence at any time in the future.

Critics of the proposal say that the licence would only punish the smoker and not the tobacco industry itself. Bans on smoking in public places have been broadly accepted whereas a smoking licence would be seen as a more targeted attack and deemed to be "health fascism". Smokers should be able to make an informed health choice rather than have to sit a test to obtain a licence; it's just the nanny state gone mad! The scheme would be nearly impossible to police, would be ridiculously expensive to administer and would encourage a 'black market' in tobacco products. It is also suggested that the scheme would merely serve to punish poor smokers who have already been hit in the pocket by increased taxation, although Prof Chapman opines that this is a good thing. The addition of a licence fee, he says, will encourage poorer smokers to quit.

The UK Department of Health was keen to stress that it had no plans to introduce a licence for the purchase of tobacco products.

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