Take Your Freedom Back and Still Be Fooled

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Take our freedom back? Our habit, our cigarette. I just watched this commercial on TV about the new electric cigarette called BLU. Sure, it's tobacco-less and all, but it still is a way of taking nicotine into the body. Nicotine is a terrible poison that will end up killing you.

Did you know that even more nicotine has been found in cigarettes over the last few years? But an electric cigarette is just another way to get pure nicotine (in liquid form) into your body.

You figure, you take anywhere from four to fifteen puffs per cigarette. Each puff delivers one milligram of nicotine to the brain. With twenty cigarettes in a regular pack, that adds up to between 100 and 300 doses of nicotine per day. Who knows how much you smoke with the electric acquivalent.

The dose is taken through the lungs, and within seconds of inhilation, it hits the brain. Thus the behavior of smoking is reinforced with a nicotine dose. The behavior itself is also addictive just through sheer repetition, whether electric or otherwise. So what if there is no tabacco? So you aren't exhaling smoke into another's space, and it is more socially exceptable?

Did you know that nicotine can enter the body through the skin or mucous membranes as well as being inhaled into lungs with a cigarette? This is another reason second hand smoke is so deadly. Electric cigarettes are a miraculous find toward eleviating that.

Nicotine fools the body into thinking there is more glucose in the bloodstream, which gives a smoker the feeling of not being hungry. We all know what going without meals and nourishment can do to us (like making us cranky and tired).

When nicotine hits the brain, it prevents the neurons from transfering information throughout the chain that helps it receive needed information that helps with muscle movement and energy level. Because it makes the brain release more chemicals than it would normally, it makes the person feel more alert and even relaxed. Nicotine even fools the brain into making you feel happy, due to other chemicals being released. This is a good part of the reason for addiction.

So it all comes down to this: Do you want to become even more addicted to nicotine and have a heart attack even sooner? Are you more concerned with the social aspects of smoking? Aleviate that and you're free and clear! How much more fooling is your body going to take, before it's heart breaks down and you have a heart attack? How much longer?

Or do you really want to be healthy and live longer? They say you take about seven minutes off of your life every time you smoke a cigarette. So if you smoke just one pack a day (electric or tabacco) you are losing over two hours of life each day.


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