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Kudos to for creating a blog of this niche. I have longed yearned to write as per this topic. In this series, I will be addressing the many death traps been made available to smokers which they may or may not be aware of. On cigarette wraps all we see is "smokers are liable to die young", from what type of death and how long it will take to kill them, all this are not specified. In this series of mine I will be writing on the many diseases attached to smoking and how it affects the human body system.

In my part of the world (West Africa sub region) people who fall prey to smoking are young ones between the ages of (14-29) years and adults ages (30-60) years. I have seen smoking kill many young people and financially wreck many adults. This points to the fact that smoking does not only kill the body, it also kills bank accounts.

SMOKING is an ATTITUDE of burning a substance (commonly a tobacco cigarette), after which the smoke produced from that substance is tasted and inhaled. The pleasures of smoking last for only a few minutes, but they lead to life threatening issues in the long run. Smoking consistently over a long period of time could be detrimental to a smokers health as his/her body is prone various diseases which may either kill them or leave them with a bad health condition.

Diseases caused from smoking can affect every part of the body from top to bottom. Commonly known diseases caused from smoking are: Lung Cancer, Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis (buildup of fatty substances in the arteries), Impotence. In subsequent series, I will be talking on each disease and its effect on the human system.

I will also like to highlight possible risks attached to each part of the body as caused by smoking, starting with the head.

HEAD Regular headaches Risk of Alzheimer Stroke Multiple Sclerosis

EYES Macular Degeneration Negative effects on sight

MOUTH Gum Disease Poor Dental health Oral Cancer

NECK AND THROAT Cancer of the Pharynx and Larynx Thyroid Disease

CHEST Lung Cancer Asthma Esophageal Cancer COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Colds

HEART Coronary Artery Disease Atherosclerosis High Blood Pressure Elevated Cholesterol Level

ABDOMEN Heartburn Abnormal Aortic Aneurysms Poor Digestive System Peptic Ulcer Pancreatic Cancer

REPRODUCTION (WOMEN) Early Menopause Infertility

REPRODUCTION (MEN) Impotence Erectile Dysfunction Kidney Cancer Prostate Cancer Infertility

BACK Osteoporosis Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid Arthritis Peripheral Vascular Disease

These are few of many effects of smoking on the human body. They are death traps which manufacturers will never alert the the customers to. In my next writing I will be talking on the possibility of STROKE as a smokers death trap.




I hope you find this piece useful to you. Thanks.

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