Getting Burnt?

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Only a headless turkey would sunbathe without protection. Why then would reasonable people put themselves in harms way and bake in the sun? We all know that over exposure to the sun causes skin cancer and wrinkles.  

On the same note, it only makes sense to not contaminate yourself and those around you with toxic tobacco or marajuana smoke (yes 420 friendly smokers are at risk, too).

Of course, this turkey could swath itself in sunscreen and limit exposure in short incriments of time. This would allow for a protective suntan, which is healthier and more comfortable than a blisterining sunburn. 

What about smoking? The only protection any of us have to avoid it, to not partake in administering the poisons and sufficating smoke into our systems.  Drinking more water or eating more vegetables and fruits, even getting more excercise and fresh air won't make up for or elieviate the detrimental effects of draging on a cigarette or joint.

Buy a pacifier and tug on that for a while instead of the butt of a smoke.  It might look silly, but it would be a lot smarter.

Only turkeys taste better when they are smoked!



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