Day 119: Temporary Fix for Burnt Wicks and Bad Tasting E-cigarettes


It has been one hundred and nineteen days since I first declared war on tobacco. It’s been sixteen days since I bought my first e-cigarette. Since, I once tried smoking a few real cigarettes, and the change in my taste buds was staggeringly drastic. For once in my life, a Marlboro Light really tasted bad. The yearning for them still exists though. But once I put the standard cigarette in my mouth and lit it, the taste instantly drove me away. That’s it. I’m declaring myself an advocate for e-cigarettes. The rushing tide for commerce and the trade of these things is now spilling over to the mass market here in the Philippines.

You can now find them virtually everywhere. From the luxuriant malls to the lowest of retail shanties, e-cigarettes will soon be a commodity as the cigarettes of the past have been. It’s now a race for brand superiority. Either way, the Chinese manufacturers and the importers win. Temporary Fix for Burnt Wick Now we face a new challenge. Sifting through the different and unknown products in the market, not even the most scrutinous consumer would have the slightest inkling of what exactly to buy. Most e-cigarettes are generally composed of the atomizer/cartomizer, battery, and inhaler. Regardless of the brand that you purchase, the basic setup is mostly the same, barring any modification or “mods”.

Now sometimes the wick inside the cartomizer gets burnt easily. That is the time when your e-cigarette will begin to start tasting bad. How bad? It’s like inhaling candle smoke. If you have a transparent cartomizer, you will see that the wick is beginning to turn brown or black. I guess this is a design flaw. I know how frustrating it is to run out of e-juice or e-liquid, and how much more frustrating it is to have that burnt taste lingering in your mouth, so I’ll get straight to the point. Now this may not work for you, so the appropriate disclaimers should be set in place. If you want to be sure you don’t damage your cartomizer or atomizer, DON’T DO THIS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is a temporary fix.

It works for a few puffs and after that, you have to do it again. The solution I’ve discovered is to blow through the inhaler without turning the switch on. This applies for models similar to the eGo model. I learned about how to fix the burnt wick problem through the YouTube video, below. Again, let me reiterate, only do this if you absolutely just need a quick fix solution and not a permanent one. The best solution is to replace the wick or the cartomizer itself.



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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