Do Not Mistake Them for Friends


They are much more than friends. Anyone you’ve met at one of your support group meetings is not your friends. Your mind will tell you; this person cares for me, this person is truly a good friend, and a genuine character. Our friends do play a major role in helping us quit. But we have emotional connects to our friends, connections that are not as strong as advisory connections. See your group member as an advisory angel on your shoulder, on your speed-dial and in the back of your mind. We’ve broken trusts before with friends so to see anyone trying to help you as a friend may not be doing you justice. We hurt the people closest to us the most, why? Because we have this 6th sense of knowing they will forgive us. Their disappointment doesn’t really matter in the moment of needing a drag. But someone whose disappointment does matter, someone who is not your friend but more may make you reconsider. I don’t know the science to it but in cases where you let down the closest people to you, it is often that it is harder to let down those groups of supporters who are helping you out. It might be because friends and family are just as familiar to you, as this addiction. Whereas support group members have no relational ties to your past, and won’t trigger anything besides your urge to quit smoking. Ever heard of cutting all ties? Well, this is one beneficial reason one.

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