Why Those Who Outcast You, Help You


The biggest repellant for non-smokers to shew you away from the crowd is the smell of your cancer stick. As a result we find smoking partners, people who can stand the smell, people who are addicted, and people who can keep us company. Once we’ve found these people we sometimes don’t remember our old aspirations. You should glue yourself to those who outcast you, because they will immediately address how they dislike smoking and thus reassuring you of your reasons to quit. Do not be around smokers, while you are trying to quit, they aren’t encouraging. Maybe vocally they can be, but the nicotine in the air will lure you back. Try to put being around those who outcast you into your strategy of cutting back down and out. They inevitably will help you to: stay away from cigarettes (because they don’t allow it in their vicinities), and increase awareness to the negative facts that come with smoking (because they will gossip, preach, discuss, and reassure you that you’re better off without it)

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