Retribution & A Smoker


Forrest was my friend’s roommate. He gambled for money to buy cigarettes. The mind of a gambler is corrupt, when they are down it stimulates their urge to try again, in order to make up for what they now lost, (retribution) or in disappointment to losing, feeling the rush. His case is diseased and common. He now has two addictions, gambling, and smoking. But he can kill two birds with one stone if he takes care of his smoking addiction. No need to gamble, if there are no thoughts to smoke. Retribution is a common feeling that many struggle with today. It is hard to be passive, so I want to spread awareness. Smokers are ideal candidates to feel retribution as well. We don’t have the additional urge to gamble, or do we? To some extent, we will make bad decisions. Buying cigarettes with family or friends money, which is a gamble because you are unsure as to if your check is going to clear in a week is one example. Sometimes we smoke to feel better, as retribution to something not being your fault. Do not make matters worse, by making bad health your fault. Notice the signs of retribution and stop your thought process as soon as it strikes.

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