Good Health and Vegetarianism


Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular and for a number of reasons. For many consumers the amount of hormones used in pork and beef to help them grew faster is of grave concern. And the give and take of nutritional needs for different types of vegetarians is important to understand also. There are some who eliminate beef and pork completely but will eat fish and chicken and others who take meat completely out of their diet. Health issues such as heart concerns and cholesterol make this form of vegetarian eating a priority to ensure that their bodies are healthy.

And there are still others who have philosophical convictions and religious beliefs concerning the nature of animals and the sanctity of life. This is a stricter branch of vegetarianism and they call themselves vegans. Some may refuse to use any form of animal products and for them that is just the starting point. Some feel this is a good way to simplify their lives and make less of an impact on the planet. They wish to provide for themselves and grow their own food.

The correct answer lies with the individual and what their beliefs and needs are. In making the choice there are some viable issues to be thought about before the choice is made.


Iron is an essential nutrient to the human body. The hemoglobin in our blood is made up in large part by iron. Iron allows us to function. It carries oxygen to the muscles and the brain. It was believed that the primary source of iron is in red meat but calorie-to-calorie actually leafy green vegetable are higher. Boosting the bodies ability to absorb iron and its ability to use it could be taken care of by one vitamin. Vitamin C which is in most leafy vegetables and dried beans. Both are high in the iron as well.


Since protein is one of the main nutrients coming from meat and such products it is important to have a good understanding of it and how much you need in a vegetarian diet. Protein used to be thought as our bodies main source of energy. Researchers are now finding that protein is used by the body to rebuild and repair muscles that have been damaged during activity. If a vegetarian cuts meat out of their diet it may seem that they are cutting out protein but actually it can be found in peanut butter and peanuts, soybeans, black beans and chickpeas.


When a women is pregnant and eating for two she is just as likely to get the iron and protein as a women who isn’t vegetarian. Doctors may suggest a iron supplement for either the vegetarian or non because of iron deficiency anemia being so common. You may need to increase your daily calories so you can gain some weight but rather than that the lifestyle of a vegetarian can support the health of both mother and baby.

If you are exploring and vegetarian curious let your body be your guide. It will tell you what it needs. Many who change to the lifestyle report that after a few weeks they feel more energetic, lighter, and cleaner than they have before. More restaurants are coming on board with vegetarian dishes and making it easier to maintain the vegetarian diet. If this is any indication it seems that our society is beginning to see the value of vegetarian nutrition.

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