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If you have children cigarette smoking can be a real problem for them. Second hand smoke can cause ear infections and bring on asthma attacks. These attacks can be so serious they may need to be hospitalized. For the love of our children lets keep the second hand smoke away.

Within a decade a person and chock up about $15,000 or more depending on the brand and amount you smoke. Your medical insurance can be more expensive if you smoke. You could take your kids to Disneyland instead.

Smoking speeds up the breakdown of elastin in the skin which keeps your skin taunt and this can cause wrinkles to be more pronounced. A free make over and up lift would be to just quit smoking.

People who smoke have teeth discoloration and yellow fingers and bad breath. Even the health of your hair may suffer. Look better and cleaner by stopping this nasty habit.

Those who don’t smoke can cut down their chances of getting cancer too. Lung cancer is a big killer and nine out of ten cases are caused by smoking. Enphazema, several types of cancer, and heart disease are things that smoking can cause.

So look younger, pay less for medical insurance, keep your children healthy and your pocket book will have more money it. Quit smoking and enjoy life more!


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