Keeping A Positive Mindset


   For anyone who has decided to stop smoking for good, they have made one of the best choices for a healthier life. The first few days may seem to fly by. After this, time may be challenging to say the least. You may need someone around with postiive words of encouragement or just to help you through the times you think of lighting up.

It is important as well to make sure you keep your mind on positive things such as the money you will be saving, the fact that clothing and your home will be free of smoke, etc. Find a hobby that will make use of the time otherwise spent smoking, such as a favorite hobby, creating something, writing, whatever. Find what you can do to keep your mind and hands busy. When you complete a project, reward yourself with a compliment!

    Another way to stay positive, is when you feel the urge to smoke, take a small amount of change such as a quarter or a dollar, and put it aside for a week or two. Add up the total once the time comes and see how much you have saved. This will give you such a lift that you will want to continue putting that money aside. Before you know it, you will be bragging to family and friends!

     The more you can do to stay positive, the more you can keep a positive mindset by doing other things. You will find a lot of support and postives all around. Create & post signs or encouragement around your home. Keep a diary. Congratulate yourself when you reach another milestone day of not smoking. Pretty soon you will find it becomes easier and your life will be brighter each and every day!

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