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PACKETS of conventional cigarettes don’t lie: “SMOKING KILLS”. The words scream out like no other public health warning but still millions risk their lives by continuing with their daily habit. It’s a harsh fact that smoking tobacco is one of the main causes of cancer, especially lung cancer

For many smokers quitting is the Holy Grail; a seemingly unattainable mission that normally ends in failure. But what if you could carry on smoking without the risks? Imagine being able to puff away in peace, safe in the knowledge that your cigarettes contained no tobacco, tar or cancer-causing chemicals?

Well, the answer has well and truly arrived in the form of electronic cigarettes. These are becoming increasingly popular and are taking off as a healthier – and cheaper – alternative to tobacco.

And the early results have been staggering. Leading E-cigarette manufacturer ePuffer says that its customers have enjoyed a 75% success rate in their quest to cut down or use electronic cigarette as an alternative to conventional tobacco products.

E-cigarettes, or E-cigs, look like real cigarettes and give off a vaporizing process that releases a simulated smoke that looks exactly like a real cigarette. But it is actually a harmless vapour mist that evaporates into the air within seconds. E-cigs are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of a vaporized nicotine solution, which is harmless but still manages to satisfy smokers’ craving for nicotine.

So why should smokers consider ditching tobacco and think about turning to the electronic alternative? There are countless benefits, including:

  • No tar, No carbon, No ash, No tobacco, or carcinogens.
  • They are not banned from public places. Smoke them virtually anywhere.
  • There is no danger of passive smoking, so they are inoffensive to others.
  • They cost less than tobacco cigarettes but taste like the real thing.
  • They are almost odourless, so they won’t make your clothes, car or home stink.
  • They satisfy nicotine cravings.
  • They won’t stain your teeth.

The list is endless and there are countless other benefits. E-cig manufacturers like ePuffer are expanding their range of products to include disposable E-cigarettes, those that use rechargeable batteries and cartridges and even electronic pipes and cigars. The smoking revolution continues…

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