Make your Kitchen Safe for your Children


Children – they are both blessings and miracles. They may be small, helpless and adorable today, but soon they will be an important of society as the next generation contributes to the world.

So what else is there to do other than love them? Yes, take care of them, feed them, play with them, and teach them how to be a good person. But most importantly, love them! No other love can compare to a parents’, and no amount of material things can equal it.

But it is not always possible to be by their side at all times. There are times when you’re not there to watch out for them. Especially when you’re working and they’re left at home. So the next best thing to do on these occasions is to make sure everything is safe for them. Especially the kitchen.

The kitchen is where almost all household-related accidents happen. With all that sharp objects, fire and even electricity going on inside it, letting your child go in there alone is a big no-no. That’s why great care should be taken when you son or daughter is in the kitchen. And these tips should be able to make your kitchen safer and more child-friendly.

• Keep out of reach of children

The first thing to do is to make sure all the sharp, hot, and electrical objects are out of reach of children. It should be easy since the kids are not that tall enough so putting them in cupboards and/or drawers where they couldn’t reach is recommended. Put all the knives and other sharp objects where only adults can reach them. Electrical appliances such as blenders, microwave ovens and toasters should be kept out of reach as well. Cover the power outlets when not in use.

• Maintain cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so they say. One thing is for sure, though – keeping your kitchen clean makes it a lot safer for kids to go there. Always make sure the kitchen floor is free from grease and other things that can be slippery. Always clean the sink and other utensils when not in use to prevent spreading germs. Also, cleaning the kitchen regularly is not enough. Make sure you and your child is clean before and after kitchen work.

• Secure baby stuff

Safety always comes first whenever and wherever you are with your child. When in a high chair, make sure the safety straps are locked firmly. Keep the cabinets and drawers closed. When cooking, make sure you children do not have access to the fire or other hot surfaces.

• Parental guidance

There would come a time when your child would show you that he/she would like to help you with the dishes, cook food, or even prepare the table. You don’t have to deny them of the pleasure, just make sure they’re not doing anything that can potentially hurt them. And make sure that you instruct them on how to do things properly so as to avoid any accidents. This is also one way of spending time with your kid.

Hopefully this could get you started with ensuring a safe environment for your child starting with the kitchen. The most important part is to make sure they are always enjoying themselves and at the same time being safe.

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