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While most guys say their ideal girl is one with no makeup and can flaunt a plain white shirt with jeans and sneakers, smoky-eyed, posh and high-heeled ladies never miss a guy’s stare. To be fair, girls yearn to see the laidback style of their partners but men in shiny suits overwhelm them with delight.

It’s an ironic world. It’s either you compromise comfort just to be fashionable or you can be all dolled up and end the day with extreme exhaustion and blisters on your feet. What wouldn’t you give just to get the best of both worlds?

There is no specific origin of clothing. However it is safe to say that when the ancient man felt their skins offer very little protection against the cold or the heat, clothing was created. Luckily, clothing has evolved from being a commodity to an expression of oneself to a mix of both fashion and comfort.

So here are your favorite clothes that can provide you comfort and yet give you some edge and style.

1. Jeans

There’s the old adage that you’ll never go wrong with good old jeans. It is one type of clothing that stood strong against decades of fashion evolution. Although it is not accepted on formal gatherings, jeans are almost perfect for any occasion. Just pair it with any blouse or shirt and you are ready to go!

Fashion Tip: Choose a type of jeans that compliments your body shape. The key to good-looking jeans is that it hugs your curves and fits well on your legs. Also, use dark denims for semi-formal functions or even nighttime hang-outs. Washed out denims are best for daytrips.

2. Cotton T-shirts

The lightweight quality of cotton makes t-shirts more breathable and comfortable to wear. T-shirts have a wide variety of style suited for men, women, children, babies from all walks of life.

Fashion Tip: V-neck t-shirts look better for men and women with broad shoulders. For women who are interested in styling their t-shirts, they can use an oversized shirt and cut off its neck or collar to create a wide neck or off-shoulder effect. This flaunts the collar bone and shoulders. For men, statement shirts are good attention-grabbers. Be careful though with loud obnoxious statements!

3. Cardigans

Cardigans and light jackets are easy to carry during daytrips and easy-to-wear against the night breeze. Cardigans usually have buttons or a zipper up front, whereas a pullover is something you wear through your head.

Fashion Tip: It is recommended for women to use cardigans in vivid colors to add some flavor on your entire ensemble. You can also wear blazer-like cardigans to create a formal look in sudden corporate meetings. For men’s casual wear, you can use “hoodies” to create a statement.

4. Capri Pants

Although it can never pass for formal meetings, capri pants are perfect for ladies who feel uncomfortable with shorts and skirts but needs a little breather from wearing jeans everyday. Ladies’ capri pants are made in various fabrics—from cotton and spandex for sportswear, denim for casual wear and more. Capri pants are also perfect for men who need a change from pants.

Fashion Tip: Capri pants for men is a trend for hanging out on beaches or barbecue parties with friends. Pair it up with a tank top or a body-fit shirt and you can stand out. For ladies, capri pants can still be paired with high heels for a sexier and non-laidback look.

Feel free to add more fashion tips on the Comments Section below!

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