Natural Ways to Stop Smoking and Heal Your Body


In my last article here I wrote about herbal supplements which can help in the battle to stop smoking,  as they are beneficial in treating  the addiction to nicotine, and the other substances in cigarettes (lobelia, in particular, is chemically very similar to nicotine so it can safely be used as a non-addictive nicotine substitute). These herbs also help to reduce stress and promote calmness, which is one of the problems associated with quitting.

There are also natural herbal methods you can use for healing your lungs and treating other physical problems, besides curing the addiction.  Sometimes ex-smokers suffer from distress of the GI tract when they quit, and this is where taking peppermint can be very helpful, as it also soothes stress and anxiety. Additionally, do try ginger,marshmallow, and slippery elm root, which also soothe the GI tract. Charcoal capsules can also be very useful here.

To help heal your respiratory tract, try coltsfoot, which will aid with the loosening of toxic substances  in the lungs, and allow them to be brought up, and will soothe inflammation. It should regenerate your lung tissue, as should garlic. Elderberry juice is another great lung-healer, which also helps the immune system and soothes irritation. Astralagus root is an enlivening herb which will actually open up the bronchioles in your lungs to help you breathe more easily and give them more energy. Other herbs that are good for lung-healing after quitting smoking are eucalyptus, plum flower, fennel, bromeliad, golden seal, plantain, thyme and licorice root.

It’s best to do a detox right after quitting, so for the best start to this you can take milk thistle and burdock root, which help to revitalise your liver and clean your body of all toxins. Take a good vitamin supplement with lots of Bs and Cs, as your body will need them in the healing. Part of the damage smoking causes is that it depletes essential amino acids from your body, so take a supplement of these too, which you can find at a good health food store.

In order to stick to your new non-smoking resolve it’s very beneficial  to make healthy lifestyle changes, so try a diet and exercise regime you can stick to, and make time to relax, with yoga, meditation, reiki, etc., so that you can keep calm and not become anxious, as stress and anxiety are likely to just start the cravings again.

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