Turn Your Life on 360 Degrees With These Healthy Tips


When your busy schedule starts pressuring you into compromising your diet and turning it into a wild, high-calorie feast, things have gotten out of control. Meals built upon fat-stuffed snacks and vanilla-flavoured coffee are not a healthy choice no matter if you are acouch potato or an avid athlete. Working out 24/7 a day won’t make up for your unhealthy choices despite your tireless attitude towards sport activities and your otherwise perfectly-shaped body. Food is a powerful energy booster and eating the right food can be an easy way to speed up your metabolism and quickly get into shape. Planning your meals might look like a tedious chore, yet it is a one-way ticket to getting those last kilos off your belly. If you strictly keep up with your eating schedule and avoid getting your hands on diet killers such as chocolate bars, stir-fried snacks and fast food,you’ll be able to swiftly shift your body taking the long road to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Aim at Healthy Low-Fat Food and Anti-Oxidants

We all know what kind of food we need to avoid and this article won’t focus on what you should NOT eat. Instead, it’ll give you a quick heads-up for what type of healthy food you need to go for. Instead of focusing on what you should watch out for, this article will show you which ingredients you can freely mix to create both healthy and absolutely delicious meals.

  • DONTs: Avoid bread, sugar, too much salt, spices, fries, stuff that makes you want to eat more and more and products which labels you can’t understand
  • DOs: Any vegetable you can think of except beans, potatoes and eggplant. Apples and lemons – especially lemons because of their high anti-oxidant features. If you are not a veggie, go low on diary products and cook only non-fat calf, white meat or grilled fish.Cooking

Methods & Their Effect on Food

Stir-frying is, of course, out of the question! Eat your food raw, if the ingredients allow it. In case you wan’t to cook something delicious, make sure to use no more than one tablespoon of oil in each of your daily meals. Either steam-cook your food or grill it to be able to both keep its healthy ingredients and turn it into a delicious meal.

Additional Healthy Life Choices You Can Make

  1. Run a mile – ( A mile a day keeps the doctor away. Oh, it was an apple not a mile, but anyway. Running mile is as important as eating healthy food. )
  2. Clean up at home – ( Household cleaners claim it is a magical way to turn your body into shape. )
  3. Help your children with sports – ( Your little one wants to catch ball for weeks, but you never found the time to teach him a trick or two? Now is your time to show what you’ve got and influence your child and yourself into leading a healthy lifestyle )
  4. Sleep less – ( Stop wasting your weekends in mid-day naps. Instead, go out with your family or friends and enjoy a long walk in the park, a fun part activity or just go get a non-fat coffee at that cafeteria across town you’ve never had time to visit )
  5. Influence others – ( Don’t let people brake your motivation to start anew with your life. Help them understand the purpose of your cause and know each little success you achieve is a tiny motivation booster for your friends, family and colleagues to follow your steps and make a change )


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