Confessions from a Secret Smoker

With so many electronic cigarettes on the market it's natural to ask how and why they're different, so I tested one out to see if I could reduce my own secret smoking habit.

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a closet smoker. Even my colleagues have no idea, and they probably wonder why I leave a meeting first just to find a corner to hide in to feed my secret habit. I know I should give up, yet there's always an excuse. So, with a little scepticism I tried an ePuffer indoors.

While writing, I'd take one or two long drags and inhale the nicotine that matched my daily intake. Amazingly, I found I liked the sensatio,n and rather than making me irritable and on-edge (because my cravings weren't completely satisfied), I found that within a day tolerance was rising!

This was probably due to the fact that I was now allowed to "smoke" indoors. So, my brain wasn't constantly filled with the logistics of finding a time and a place for my next cigarette. Needless to say, my productivity increased!

Then something else occurred. It's a feature I think is under rated, hardly discussed, and not used in any ePuffer marketing material. The taste!

As a summer berry fan, I chose a taste that seemed indulgently sweet but of course had no calorie content whatsoever. A huge deterrent to giving up smoking in the past has been my penchant for sweet treats that encourages weight to pile on. But this flavour became my savior, banishing all cravings for sweets.  Unbelievably after a week, I lost weight using ePuffer, as I was able to ditch my "inbetween cigarettes" sweets stash.

So far, my electronic cigarette has not completely replaced cigarettes, though I'm sure it will in time. For now,  I'm happy being happier, and I'm quite sure my staff and clients are too!

Thank you ePuffer!

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