The New Pacifier For Smokers?


For those of you who really want to quit and have tried other things like the patches, lozenges, gum, and even going cold turkey, here’s a new option for you. It’s an inhaler that you can use much like one for asthma. You can change the filter as much as you like. A lot of people are using the accompanying filters longer and longer, gradually getting less nicotine when they inhale, and at some point just throwing them away.

Users seem to like the hand-to-mouth routine, and the “smoking” without the smoke.

Smokers of 20-40 years have particularly found this effective. “It does not have the same enjoyable sensation of taking a drag, but it is an adequate substitute,” one reviewer said on  That person has now been smoke free for four months.

The Nicotrol inhaler and enough filters for a week will run you about $100 in the U.S. and about $40 in Canada. There is a big difference in prices between the Nicorette and Nicotrol Inhalers. The gum runs alittle over $20, and the manufacters insure you’ll pay no more than $50 for the inhaler with this coupon.

The ad for the Nicotrol Inhaler (on says that it is “shown to significantly reduce the craving for cigarettes throughout the first week and at week six without cigarettes.”

Side effects can include dizziness, fatigue, a spacy feeling, insomnia, and low blood pressure. Some restlessness and concentration issues have also been reported.

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