An Elegy To E-Puffers


Just lately I have been trying out electronic cigarettes , as I was sent some free samples for the purposes of writing an article about them. I thought, as a former smoker myself, I would give them a go to see how they compare to a real cigarette.

One of my friends said maybe I shouldn’t, as I might become addicted to them and want to start smoking again.

But I am sure there is no danger of that! I haven’t smoked for years and have no desire to now.

I was, however, curious about the electronic cigarettes. There’s nothing like personal experience when it comes to writing about something.

Not to mention, I was recently watching a period drama on TV, set in the 1930’s, where everyone was smoking, and it got me in the mood to try one of the e-cigarettes!

The brand I have been using is e-Puffer. I am very impressed with them as a matter of fact: they do closely mimic a real cigarette, but without the smoke and all the harsh chemicals. Also known as personal vaporisers (PVs)  they are made of a plastic cartridge which contains a battery and a liquid nicotine solution, which is vaporised on pressing a button on the side, as you inhale. Certain parts of them, like the tip, light up blue when you inhale (why blue, as opposed to red or orange?). Each one lasts for 500 puffs, and they contain nicotine, which gives the smokers the “hit” they’re used to, but without the smoke. What actually comes out of them is water vapor, not smoke, but it has a life-like effect.

These e-cigarettes certainly are a very realistic placebo, and I believe a lot of the benefit that comes, comes from the sucking action or oral solace, as with a real cigarette. I gather that the nicotine content varies with these. If you are trying to quit smoking, you start on one with quite a high dose of nicotine, and gradually work down to lower doses, until you are on the lowest.  Hopefully then you can quit completely. The method of working-down-gradually is the one that was most effective for me when I was giving up smoking, and obviously I did that with real cigarettes, not placebos. I think different things work for different people though, as human psychologies vary so widely. Some people may just have to quit completely and go cold turkey, because doing it gradually may just make them want to start again.

From my own experience with these, I would say that they may well be a very valuable aid to help smokers quit. Obviously, you are still ingesting nicotine into your body, but that in itself is not as harmful as all the chemicals in a real cigarette. The only problem of course, is that someone may end up addicted to their replacement.  However, I think weaning yourself gradually to low doses of nicotine should be helpful for the majority of people.

Just one word of warning, my number one tip: if you are going to use one of these, don’t try to light it!

Hope you got something out of reading this blog, and I appreciate your votes and comments.

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