Fight your smoking cravings with these tips


Are you trying to quit smoking? Because I know it is hard. And you think you can’t do it. I’ve been there. But I did it. Which means you can do it too. All you have to do is want it hard enough. And find the power to fight as hell through the first hours, days and weeks. I’ve decided to share with you some tips that really helped me to quit smoking.

Find the Triggers That Make You Want to Smoke

One of the most important steps that you have to do if you want to quit smoking is to determine why do you smoke and what makes you crave a cigarette. People smoke for different reasons and have a specific smoking behavior. I felt really great when I smoked a cigarette while drinking coffee or after a meal. It was really satisfying. Also, I smoked a lot when I was stressed or when I went to a club or to meetings with friends. By determining when and why you smoke, it will be easier to stop smoking. You’ll find the cause and eliminate it.

Start Exercising

Physical activity keeps you out of smoking. Why? Because it can distract you from tobacco cravings or at least reduce the intensity of these cravings. When you feel like you want to smoke, just get out for a walk, jog, dance or do any type of sport activity you enjoy. If you are at the office and can’t put on your snickers to go for a jog, improvise! Move around the office or just start walking up and down a set of stairs a few times. It will calm your nerves, make you more relaxed and take your mind off cigarettes. At least for a while.

Breath and Reboot

You are angry, your hands are shaking and you want to smoke. In the past, smoking was the most efficient way to deal with stress and frustration. Now when you are angry or stressed you have to find another way of calming yourself. This might be the most difficult situation that you have to deal with in the quitting process: trying to calm your nerves differently than by smoking a cigarette. What to do? Try some relaxation techniques and some breathing exercises. At first, you won’t feel them working, but try harder. Your breath will finally catch up with your mind and you’ll be fine. Trust me!

Ask for Help

Do you want to smoke? Well, don’t! Go online, join us, write an article or tell us about your feelings. We’ve all be through this. We are here for you. Read a quitter’s blog or post encouraging thoughts for someone who is struggling with the same cravings. Try to learn from others and see how they’ve handled these issues.

In the end, it’s you have to remember that quitting will only bring you benefits. Write down or say out loud why you want to stop smoking. By doing this, you will feel more motivated to get healthier, to protect the loved ones from secondhand smoking or to save money. Repeat all these reasons and make them your guidelines!

What are the methods that worked for you while fighting smoke cravings?

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