An Elegy To E-Puffers

ePuffer Electronic Cigarettes

Just lately I have been trying out electronic cigarettes , as I was sent some free samples for the purposes of writing an article about them. I thought, as a former smoker myself, I would give them a go to see how they compare to a real cigarette.

One of my friends said maybe I shouldn’t, as I might become addicted to them and Read more

Do Nicotine Substitutes Help or Hinder a New Non Smoker?

There are very few smokers that don’t want to give up the habit. Addiction, however, along side a potential worry of weight gain and a psychological attachment, often stop them from taking the leap. Addiction is obviously due to the drug, nicotine, that is found in the tobacco. So, is replacing this with another drug of the same strength counterproductive to individuals giving up traditional cigarettes? Read more