Big Thank You to BH and the Community


Hello everyone!

To the people, the community and the readers, on behalf of my family we’d like to thank everyone!

With my earnings from writing, I was able to take my family out last July 25. We had a blast. It was Ally’s 9th birthday and they rode a carousel. Mommy rode the carousel too! 

The day started really nice and Ally was excited. We haven’t gone out for a long time and the kids really did appreciate it.

I told them, we have some money today and I got it from blogging on They were all smiles.

We then had lunch at Adobo connections inside Robinsons Mall in Lipa City. The kids had chicken adobo and we really wish you could have been there with us.

Finally, we bought an ice cream cake which we ate at home.

How exactly do you breathe happily?

Breathing happy for me means being able to take a deep breath and know that your honest actions have led to rewards and that those rewards have gone to joy that you can share.

In this particular instance, breathing happy is all about being able to see my family have fun using the money I earned on this website.

Every breath I took watching them have fun and enjoy themselves for a change was well worth it.

As a dad, seeing my children and wife smile made everything hard in life bearable.

I was breathing happy, I was complete.

The website

If you’re a new reader and you want to know more about how I make money on this website, well it’s really simple. You sign up, write a blog post, get your friends to vote (you can vote for yourself once) and if your blog post makes it to the front page (most original, entertaining and fun blog posts do), you’ll get $20 via Paypal.

I usually write 2 blog posts a week and most of the time the posts make it to the front page.

Secrets to landing on the front page

  1. Entertaining, genuine, fun, informative and honest to goodness blog posts make it to the front page a lot.
  2. Get to know and be friends with us. We have a nice community here on and yes, we are real people. There’s the enigmatic and mysterious ProfessorTall, there’s the researcher Rachel, there’s the smart Peace Pipe, the ever insightful Susan, of course the resident therapist Julie and more wonderful people.
  3. Time your posts well. For me, writing twice a week works best. Timing the posts well will grant your readers the ability to vote for you and have time to appreciate what you’ve written.

That’s it. I hope this post has been useful for you.

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