Cycling for Life – Going Green through Bike Commuting


People from all over the world are only beginning to discover the many benefits of bike commuting, but things are looking up as time goes by. In some cities in the United States, there are already a good percentage of trips made by bike, and perhaps it’s a result of people finally realizing that the supply of oil is limited, and that there are environmental consequences to excessive use of cars. If you’re not into it yet, here are three compelling reasons why you should start cycling for life.

It’s Good for Your Health

Whether you take short trips or a long ride to school or work, commuting by bicycle is excellent for your body. The beauty of bike commuting is that it can provide you with with the recommended amount of physical activity you need to stay fit without ever going to the gym. What’s even more interesting is that it helps you burn an average of 7 calories per minute and even let your metabolism stay elevated for hours after each trip. According to studies, countries with the highest numbers of people who walk or ride the bike to work generally have the lowest obesity rates. What’s more is that the benefits of bike commuting aren’t just physical. As a result of commuting by bicycle, people have better mental acuity and have improved focus at work and school.

It’s Good for Your Budget

Pedaling to work, to school, or to the grocery store can definitely help you save some cash. For instance, if you are usually spending $1000 monthly on gas, you will be able to save at least $600 by choosing to commute using a bike. With your car, you can spend an average of $8,200 annually on operating cost, but you can cut that to $300 if you choose to pedal rather than drive instead.

It’s Good for the Planet

This is quite obvious, but what’s even more obvious is the fact that commuting by car is putting the planet on a very miserable condition. No, bike commuting won’t help stop global warming over night, but by choosing to pedal to work, you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and that’s what will help you make a significant difference. According to research, cyclists can save the atmosphere from about 630,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emission in a nine-month period of bike commuting. Moreover, cyclists can save an estimated 26,000 gallons of gas simply by choosing to pedal rather than drive when going to nearby destinations.

Burning calories, saving a few extra bucks, and reducing your carbon footprint are the three major benefits of bike commuting. Invest in a high-quality commuter bike today and enjoy the health benefits of cycling for life while doing your part in saving the planet.

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