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The worst thing you could ever hear from someone is these three words: “You are ugly.” I’ve heard this statement for a number of times already, most especially during my preparatory years in school. I’ve always been the simple type; shoulder length hair, head band of blue, black or white, no accessories, no make-up, no nothings to make me stand out of the crowd. I do not resort to wild colors like pink, violet or red. Simple and sporty, that’s the typical me. I have questioned the concept of beauty for countless of times already, and I believe that after so many years, this concept have evolved through experience and people who passed by my life.

My friends back then used to tell me that I should fix myself up more to look presentable outside. Up to now, I’m the type who wouldn’t want to wear branded clothes and I’m a typical sporty girl who would rather put on anything that’s comfortable.

Before going to sleep, I think of unusual things and take a picture of what really life is. Am I really supposed to look pretty for people to see the real me? If I have this peculiar kind of fashion, will I have lesser friends?

I do not stand out, yes. In a crowd, I’m usually the type who will settle in laughing with others, make jokes as well, and feel comfortable with my friends. I do not fake my laughter; I value conversations and small talks.

There came a time when I realized something more important to focus on: The beauty inside all of us. Even if I have a simple fashion and kind of living, I am blessed. I am blessed because I am equipped with a kind of education where I can adjust to different types of people. I am beautiful in my own way, because I can present myself well to people who know how to value life in the simplest way.

If you learn how to value yourself and others, you’re beautiful. If you learn how to accept all the things about you, you’re not only beautiful, but you’re simply the best. Life can give you a number of problems, but it’s only you who can help yourself in viewing life as a bigger picture, where you’re an actor and the director all at the same time.

Many people will constantly put you down, make you feel ugly inside and out; but the true test of standing out is if you prove to these people that you are beautiful in your own way. There is nothing wrong with having a simple fashion, just as long as you can carry yourself well outside. The concept of beauty have been defined and re-defined for a number of decades already, but the true beauty lies in accepting your flaws as a human being.

Now here is a very simple challenge. Look at your reflection in the mirror and say: “I am beautiful.” Then, appreciate life, love others, be the best you and never judge others.

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