How Convenient Stores are Helpful in Eradicating Smoking


The law makes it so that many eager smokers aren’t able to obtain their nicotine. In its own way, closing off the bridge to the addiction is surely helping many individuals to quit or never smoke to begin with. I worked at Walgreens for about six months, and do you know what I loved? I loved that it is against the law to sell cigarettes to minors. It doesn’t stop there.

I was required to ask for ID if anyone requesting a package of cigarettes looked under the age of 35. What this means to a smoke-free advocate is that even minors who looked over 21, and would fool your average employee, wouldn’t be purchasing cigarettes from me. Young adults who looked to be in the early twenties, who normally don’t get carded in their local stores, and would leave behind or forget proper identification also wouldn’t be buying any cigs. They would often behave as if they thought it was way too much of a hassle to go to their cars, or they simply left their identification at home. At the end of every shift, many people went smoke free, unwillingly. It was, however, to their benefit, because smoking kills.

Preventing smoking is just as good as quitting smoking. Policies like the ones that Walgreens have, are inspiring. I believe that education and awareness are key to realizing bad choices. My customers may not have been satisfied with their Walgreens service, but they left well aware that for the time being they wouldn’t be taking a drag. This is very helpful for someone involved in a support group for smoking. All it takes is a second to reflect, and it may change and encourage a better way of living.

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