Going the Distance for Long Distance: Maintaining the Spark


One of the main reasons why relationships flourish is trust. It’s easy to build trust if you’re with your significant other constantly. But how can you do the same when you’re in a long-distance relationship? How can you keep the spark alive when you’re separated by a million miles of ocean from your loved one?


Communication is the lifeblood of any form of relationship. For couples who are separated by distance, communication becomes that much more important. That’s because when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can’t cuddle, kiss, hold hands, or even hang out. In short, small affirmations of love are impossible, and the only way you can reaffirm your affection for one another is by sending text messages to each throughout the day, talking on Skype or FaceTime whenever possible, and calling each other. Talk about anything and everything you can, as it would make you feel as connected to each other as possible.

Send Gifts to Each Other

Another great way to keep the fire burning between you and your loved one is by sending gifts to each other. The gifts don’t even have to be expensive. It’s always the thought behind the gifts that count. Many online shops can help you choose the perfect gift to send across the miles. They often have themes for their gift bundles, and you even have the option to create your own gift bundle for that personalized touch.

Keep on Sharing

Just because you’re far apart from each other doesn’t mean you can’t share things with each other. Is there a movie you think you’ll both enjoy watching? Send your SO a link to that movie and you can watch it “together”. Alternatively, if you’re loved one is based in Hong Kong, you can order a bottle of champagne from an online wine store like Cellar Master Wines and have it delivered to his or her home. Buy a bottle of champagne for yourself, set up Skype, and start a video call while you share the day’s activities with each other over glasses of bubbly.

Show Her You’ve Got Her Back

A bouquet or basket of nicely arranged flowers never fails to brighten up a woman’s day. If you know that your girl is going through a rough time at work or with her family, order flowers online and have them sent to her. Make sure you choose her favorite flowers and have the florist type out a personalized message from you. If you send flowers online to your girlfriend, she’ll know that you always got her back through good times and bad times, regardless of distance. Simple gestures like this reaffirm your love and support across the miles.

It’s not difficult to keep the spark alive even if distance separates you as long as you both have the keen desire to make the relationship work. By doing the simple things mentioned above, you can strengthen the bonds of your long-distance relationship, enough to sustain you until you’re back in each others arms again.


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