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1 in 5 U.S. Deaths are smoking related. This includes second hand smoke and infant death due to smoking during pregnancy.

According to the center for Desease Control in an average year Americans lose 5.5 million years of expected life. This works out to more than 12 years per person.

Secondhand smoke kills approximately 600,000 people world wide each year.

In 2007 lung cancer killed 158, 683 people–88,243 men and 70,354 women. Smoking is responsible for 85% of Lung cancers in the U.S.

It takes 10 days for all the toxins to leave a persons body after quitting smoking. Only about 7% of smokers succeed at quitting smoking on their first try. And 3.5% of people quit smoking cold turkey. 50% of people intoxicated with alcohol will relapse into smoking. There is a 90% reducd rate of dying if a person smoking quits before age 30. There is a 50% reducd rate of dying if a person smoking quits before age 50.

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