Triggers are those things that make you crave a cigarette. It might be when you get in the car, on breaks at work, or after you eat. If you have been smoking awhile your day is probably filled with triggers. Learn to recognize these triggers. They can come at cetain places, certain times or even after eating certain foods.

For smokers a cigarette is the solution to any problem. You know that certain situations are likely to give you the urge to smoke. Doctors refer to this as HALT or Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Even boredom works into this. So if you recognize that these times weaken us and make us vulnerable we are more able to change this behavior.

Keeping a log of when you find your worst cravings come can be alot of help in the process of quitting the habit. Keeping note of when, whats going on, where and how you feel.

Look back over your log after afew days(best to have atleast a week day and a week-end day)and see when your most extreme triggers occur.

The trick is to see these and then change your routine. Practice eating the meal without the cigarette at the end. Or if it is while you are driving practice not smoking during the drive.

If you associate certain things with smoking change those things. For instance if you smoke while watching a certain show on tv in the evening change and go for a walk instead. If you usually go outside to have the cigarette then go for the walk instead. Adding some exercise to your routine will help you feeling better as you are going through the quitting process.

With your committment to working on changing your routine you are ready to set a date for quitting this habit that has plagued you for so long.

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