Premature Aging Can Be Avoided

Enjoy Life and Breathe Happy

Vanity is but the wind, so why let your good looks go up in smoke? Let’s face it, along with everything else that smoking does to damage your health, the worst and most obvious thing that it causes premature aging and death. In other words, it will make an otherwise healthy, young person become wrinked and withered and winded.  

With every drag, your lips pucker and suck in toxins that hinder circulation and natural healing. While your lungs immediately struggle to overcome the effects of your last smoke, your skin cells are unable to rejuvinate themselves quickly enough to beat the next time you light up.

Time takes it’s toll on all of our appearances and without aggressive cosmetic surgery, it is impossible to reverse the damage caused by years of smoking.  The good news is that AS SOON AS you smoke your LAST cigarette, your body begins healing itself. So, why not take a break from sabtaging what your body wants to do for you and take the corageous and critical step to quit now?

You can do it! Really you can!

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